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434th Field Artillery Brigade, Fort Sill, OK





Congratulations to the 434th FA BDE for winning this morning's Intramural Cross Country Competition!!
Way to go Destroyers!!!

AND it was COLD-- at 30 degrees too!

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Something to plan for...

Eisenhower High School Boys Bowling team Won 2018 Regional Championship on 17 FEB 2018. And went on to place 2nd at Oklahoma State Championship on 24 FEB 2018.
One of our very own Cadre Mr. Bill Kaplan (DA Civilian Employee) volunteered his time to coach them to these championships!

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Heads up!

Testing Army Gate System

Hey ya'll! The Army is testing new gate systems at Fort Sill.Fort Sill will be assisting the Army in evaluating a new gate system beginning Monday, Jan. 29. The implementation of testing will be gradual, starting with the 52nd Street Gate and adding another gate (or two) each day until all gates are functioning with the new system.During the first week, Fort Sill will be phasing in the systems, allowing both the Fort Sill community and the gate guards opportunity to become familiar with the new look and process. After the first week, members of an Army-evaluation team will arrive for a two-week assessment of the system.There will be no change to gate-access requirements/policies. Those with DoD-issued cards and those who require a visitor's pass will experience no obvious changes to gate operations. Visually, the gates will have a new self-scanning system, however it will be operated by the guards. Additionally, during periods of low traffic, patrons may observe a gate arm that will raise when access has been granted. In the event the new system falters, the current system is available for guards to scan individuals onto post as they have done in the past. This is a test and there will be no change to post access. Additionally, there is no change to access requirements. Thank you for your patience as we help support the Army mission.*Be nice to the guards. - Monica, PAO

Posted by Fires Center of Excellence and Fort Sill on Thursday, January 25, 2018

This is it Ladies and Gentlemen!
The start of HBL (Holiday Block Leave)!

The Soldiers will begin the first leg of their trip tonight as they form up at the 95th Adjutant Reception Battalion to catch bus to their respective airports. (OKC, DAL, DFW or LAW)

SAFE Travels to ALL (Soldiers in Training, Drill Sergeants and Cadre alike) Enjoy the Holiday Season with your families.
We will see you back on Fort Sill 3 Jan 2018!😀

Heads up!!
There is a different timeline for Tuesdays Graduations on 19 DEC 2017.
0900-1000: Alpha BTRY 1-19 FA BN
1100-1200 Delta BTRY 1-31 FA BN

Dining Facility Hours on Fort Sill for Thanksgiving 2017

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Visitor Control Center (VCC) Hours of Operation during the THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY WEEKEND.

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Next weekend is Thanksgiving.... here are the hours the gates around Fort Sill will be open and CLOSED! Please share!

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Battery Commanders had an opportunity to meet with MG Frost during his visit to Fort Sill today.

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Get ready to STOP.


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We have started LiveStreaming our Graduation Ceremonies for Basic Combat Training.
Here is the Website:
Please share!

Stay healthy & bring your kids too!

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Platoon Wars

Platoon Wars! The final field training exercise for Charlie Battery, 1-79 FA Basic Combat Training during the last week of White Phase. The bivouac at Forward Operating Base Kelly on Fort Sill was four days, and two of the urban ops battles are in the video. The temperatures were near 100 degrees every day, with high humidity. This is the 10th in the series of videos following five Army National Guard Split Option Program trainees. -- Cindy McIntyre

Posted by The Fort Sill Tribune on Tuesday, July 25, 2017