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Well done, men. Keep showing the world that pound-for-pound our nation’s best warfighters come from Alabama.
#proud #PodiumFinish #ReadyToFight

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It's Earth Day! #DidYouKnow the Alabama National Guard's Fort McClellan Training Center is home to conservation efforts for five federally protected endangered species? Find out more on our website about how your military is protecting the plants and animals of Alabama, as well as its people.

#EarthDay #conservation #AlabamaTheBeautiful

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Representatives of the Alabama National Guard met with West Alabama Chamber of Commerce leaders at Mercedes-Benz's Alabama production facility to talk about the growing employment opportunities our #partnerships bring Soldiers and Airmen. The meeting highlighted the military's unique ability to train current and future civilian workers with relevant skills that could "fast-track" them in the competitive job market.

Pictured from left to right: ALNG planning and economic development specialist Eric Gerritson, Mercedez-Benz U.S. International human resources officer Wade Smith, Maj. Chris Amos, ALNG Adjutant General Maj. Gen. Sheryl Gordon, Capt. Steve Ingram, Lt. Col. Tim Alexander, executive assistant to the adjutant general Terry Travis, and West Alabama Chamber CEO Donny Jones.

#GuardInCommunity #LifeAfterService #Opportunities

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The mortar is one of the oldest firearms in the world, but is still a vital part of ground troop support operations in modern combat. This versatile 120mm mortar fired by mortarmen of the Alabama National Guard's 1-173 Infantry can engage targets thousands of meters away with high-yield explosives, fill a distant area with obscuring smoke, or bring minutes of daylight to the night sky with blinding illumination rounds.

Ever dropped a mortar round in the tube and felt it fly out? Think you want to? Get in touch.

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We are immensely proud of our families who stay #AlwaysReady alongside their Airmen and Soldiers. We couldn’t do it without them.

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We know that the prevalence of #SHARP training in today's Army can make it easy to turn into a punchline. But do not let that distort or dilute the gravity of its purpose. U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) statistics show 14,900 servicemembers (8,600 women and 6,300 men) were sexually assaulted in 2016, with most assaulted more than once totalling more than 41,000 assaults in 2016 alone. Moreover an estimated 81 percent of incidents went unreported and of those who did report, nearly 60 percent endured retaliation from their chain of command, a third of whom were discharged within seven months of reporting.

Don't turn a blind eye. Post with #NotInMyArmy, #NotInMyAirForce, or #NotInMyUnit, and join us in making a renewed effort to end sexual assault and sexual harassment in our military.
April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. #SAAPM18

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April is the #MonthOfTheMilitaryChild and everyone is encouraged to wear purple Monday, April 16, 2018, in support of the kids of our uniformed servicemembers. Known nationally as Purple Up! Day, the color (made by the blending of Army green, Air Force and Navy blue, and Marine red) honors the sacrifices and contributions our military children make to both the mission and community. Thank a military kid and don't forget to #PurpleUp!

Alabama National Guard Family Assistance Center

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It’s great getting to partner with our sister forces to create the best possible training so we stay prepared for the worst possible events.
#AlwaysReady #AlwaysThere

Engineers Conduct Search and Rescue at Guardian Response 18

South Carolina Army National Guard Firefighters with the 178th Engineer Battalion work with Soldiers from the 166th Engineer Company, Alabama National Guard and the 256th Area Support Medical Company, Florida National Guard to conduct search and rescue operations in a simulated collapsed building during Exercise Guardian Response at Muscatatuck Urban Training Center, Indiana April 13, 2018. Guardian Response is part of Army North's annual #VibrantResponse18 exercise. (U.S. Army video by Staff Sgt. Erica Knight, 108th Public Affairs Detachment) #VR18 #GR18

Posted by 108th Public Affairs Detachment, SCNG on Saturday, April 14, 2018

The 22nd Recruiting and Retention Battalion hosted a military career fair for Montgomery area high school and junior high school students Thursday, April 12, 2018, at the Montgomery Preparatory Academy for Career Technologies (MPACT) showcasing a number of the many career options available in the Alabama National Guard. Demonstrators from multiple units attended to show military vehicles and equipment and answer student questions about service, enlistment, benefits and more.

Are you also interested? Our recruiters are always only a call away.

#KnowYourMil #GuardInCommunity
Alabama National Guard Recruiting

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A sniper's ghillie suit is nearly as crucial an asset as his rifle. #DidYouKnow the hair-like jute hanging off the suit is not the camouflage itself, as often thought (though it does distort the soldier's human sillhouette), but rather serves as ties with which to attach a carefully selected assortment of local vegetation, causing the wearer to appear as part of the natural foliage. Here, junior U.S. Army National Guard sniper Pfc. William Snyder, assigned to the 1-173 Infantry, learns about "vegging" his ghillie suit during a training exercise April 7, 2018.

#KnowYourMil #snipers #OneShotOneKill #VeggingTheGhillieSuit

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Do you have what it takes? (Click for sound.🔈)

Test your skills.

Do you have what it takes? (Click for sound.🔈)

Posted by Alabama National Guard on Friday, April 13, 2018

A southern black racer snake slithers across the barrel of junior U.S. Army National Guard sniper Pfc. William Snyder's rifle as he practices woodland stalking in a camouflaged ghillie suit during a 1-173 Infantry training exercise Satuday, April 7, 2018, at Eglin Air Force Base. Our snipers are trained to remain perfectly still for hours on end when in position and remain invisible to enemies and even wildlife.

Want to be a part of this elite team? We have slots available. Contact us.
#KnowYourMil #snipers #OneShotOneKill
The National Guard

(Photo by Army Staff Sgt. William Frye)

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We're focusing today on a small subset of the military community: snipers. One of these rare, elite teams is from the Alabama National Guard 1-173 Infantry. Here, U.S. Army National Guard junior sniper Pfc. William Snyder practices woodland stalking during a training exercise April 7, 2018.
#KnowYourMil #snipers #OneShotOneKill

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"At first, I didn't really understand how important that was, but it slowly started to hit me: that was THE sergeant major of the Army."

Pvt. Tristen Blair, a 19-year-old Alabama National Guard soldier currently completing initial training as a 68W (Combat Medic Specialist), got the opportunity of a lifetime during an otherwise routine training day.

"We had been told (Sergeant Major of the Army Daniel A. Dailey) was on-post checking out some training that day, and me and a couple of my battle buddies were joking about 'what if he was a casualty for our assessment?' Sure enough, later that day, we're practicing our assessments and he comes up to me and asked, 'You want to give the sergeant major of the Army an IV?' I said, "Hell yeah, sergeant major!'"

Surrounded by his classmates, intructors, drill sergeants, and SMA Dailey's entourage, and with the sergeant major of the Army lying arms outstretched on a litter, Blair said his nerves were heightened, but not overwhelming. He hit the vein on his first attempt, established a saline lock, and secured and dressed the site, all exactly as taught.

"After I had finished," Blair continued, "he stood up, shook my hand, gave me his coin, and told me how great the training is that we get here and that he saw a bright future for me in the Army."

Blair would have all but shrugged it off, he said, but the attention that moment received from both cadre and fellow trainees revealed how rare the experience was.

"Everybody was just surprised he actually laid down and let somebody do that, let alone some private in AIT who still doesn't fully know what he's doing," Blair laughed. "It was just such an honor he gave me the opportunity. I don't think my mood has come down since."

SMA Dailey was easy-going and personable, Blair said, and the two shared a few laughs while Blair performed the IV.

"He asked me afterward, 'are you National Guard?' I said, 'yes.' He said, 'do you want me to change that for you right now?'

"I respectfully declined."

Pvt. Blair is scheduled to graduate from Initial Entry Training on April 27 and is assigned to the 128th Medical Co. of Ashland, Alabama.
#KnowYourMil #SoldierMedic #WarriorSpirit

AMEDD Center and School, Army Health Readiness Center of Excellence U.S. Army Medical Department (AMEDD)

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It's time for an #AAR.

We're working to expand our online presence in ways that benefit both our servicemembers and our community. Through social media and our (currently under construction) redesigned public website, we're committed to being dependable, relevant, and practical in our support for you. So tell us: what kind of content would you like to see? What changes can we make to improve our service to you? What do we do well and what could we do better? Feel free to use the comments or a private message to make your thoughts heard.
#AfterActionReview #TellUs

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From ROC drills to sniper drills, we’ve been getting in some #SundaySweat this drill weekend. What does your IDT looks like?

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If it’s raining, we’re training.
Nothing stops an Alabama National Guard Soldier from being the best or preparing for the worst. #RainOrShine #Hooah #VeggingTheGhillieSuit

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The 46th CST (Civil Support Team) is a highly skilled unit of experts that works with civilian law enforcement, fire and EMS services to investigate, identify, and neutralize CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and high-yield Explosives) weapons. CST teams rotate into periods of heightened readiness able to deploy anywhere in the region at a moment's notice to save American lives.

Here, the 46th conducts an in-depth scenario-based training exercise in preparation for one such readiness period. In the scenario, our soldiers received a call from a municipal police force who discovered a potential hazardous materials (HAZMAT) threat.

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April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. SAAPM is a U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)-wide emphasis on the force's dedication to eradicate sexual assault and sexual harassment from the U.S. military.

In his proclamation affirming SAAPM 2018, President Donald J. Trump urged that "we recommit ourselves to doing our part to help stop sexual violence. We must not be afraid to talk about sexual assault and sexual assault prevention with our loved ones, in our communities, and with those who have experienced these tragedies. We must encourage victims to report sexual assault and law enforcement to hold offenders accountable, and we must support victims and survivors unremmittingly. Through a concerted effort to better educate ourselves, empower victims, and punish criminals, our nation will move closer to ending the grief, fear, and suffering caused by sexual assault. The prevention of sexual violence is everyone's concern."
#NotInMyArmy #NotInMyAirForce #NotInMyUnit

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Ever met a Green Beret? How about a team of them talking to you about their experiences, and demonstrating Special Forces gear and battlefield first aid? The Boy Scouts of Troop 15, out of Auburn, got exactly that during a weekend camp-out at Fort McClellan Training Center.

The scouts chose Fort McClellan to practice land navigation, but when Soldiers of the 20th Special Forces Group (Airborne) who were training on-site learned the troop was nearby, they decided to make the trip a little more memorable.

"You've got a few dozen kids hanging around with real-life Soldiers, learning directly from their skills and life experiences," parent and assistant scout master Dennis Grooms said. "They thought it was awesome. By the time we loaded up the bus to leave, the kids were exhausted, sure, but you could not have slapped the smiles off their faces with a two-by-four."
#GuardInCommunity #KnowYourMil #BePrepared

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The 2018 National Guard Association of Alabama Combined Conference is scheduled for April 13-15, 2018, at the Renaissance Ross Bridge Golf Resort and Spa in Birmingham, Alabama. To register visit

No official Department of Defense, U.S. Army or Alabama National Guard endorsement of the National Guard Association of Alabama is stated or implied.

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April is #MonthOfTheMilitaryChild when we honor the children of our armed service members and the sacrifices and contributions they make to our force. Military children are active leaders in their schools and communities, are a vital component of troop morale, and faithfully endure the hardships of their parents' service.
It's easy to thank a Soldier or Airman for their service, but don't neglect to recognize their children for their unique impact, as well.

With -- Alabama National Guard Child, Youth & School Services

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Remember why we train. Remember who we fight for. They’re worth it. #MotivationMonday

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After a 10-month deployment, Soldiers of the 208th Chemical Company returned home March 31, 2018 to the joyous celebration of their families, friends, and fellow Guardsmen.

The Soldiers were greeted upon arrival by Alabama National Guard Brig. Gen. Michael Mitchell. "Thank you guys for what you do," he told the troops. "We are proud of you and we are so glad to have you back. Get some well-deserved rest." The 208th was the first Alabama National Guard unit to deploy in support of the CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) mission since the start of Operation Enduring Freedom.

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