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It’s Top Notch Tuesday! This week, we’d like to spotlight the 43d Comptroller Squadron from Pope Air Force Base, North Carolina.

The 43d CPTS is a part of the 43d Air Mobility Operations Group (AMOG) known as the Gryphons. The Gryphons are part of a stand-alone group that is responsible for the rapid strategic deployment of forces assigned to Joint Special Operations Command, the XVIII Airborne Corps, and the 82nd Airborne Division. The 43d AMOG also provides combatant commanders with enabling capabilities like Airborne Joint Forcible Entry, combat airlift, aeromedical evacuation, aerial port, and command and control.

The newly re-designated Comptroller Squadron proudly carries out their mission is to provide world-class financial service, support, and training to every Airman. Just last Fiscal year, the Financial Analysis Flight doubled the AMOG budget, increasing the Transportation Working Capital Fund by $3.1 million and Operations and Maintenance by $5.9 million. Known trailblazers, the Financial Operations team manages Air Mobility Command's sole centralized Defense Travel System, which allowed for the removal of over 50 additional duties across the installation. Both Flights received Runner-Up nods for AMC Financial Analysis and Financial Services Offices of the Year for 2017.

In addition to their financial operations, the 43d CPTS includes a business office where SMEs from civil engineering and contracting work alongside the FMers. Through building relationships with the Department of Public Works and the Fort Bragg Corps of Engineers, the business office was able to overcome five years’ worth of facility project challenges. Their efforts culminated in their selection for the AMC/FM Special Acts and Services Award.

Though the Squadron may be small, they are mighty! This past year the 43d CPTS received numerous accolades, including Air Mobility Operations Group Airman and NCO of the Year, AMC/FM Airman and NCO of the Year, Expeditionary Center NCO of the Year, and last but not least, the 2017 AMC/FM Comptroller Organization of the Year.

The 43d Comptrollers Squadron's winning attitude and steadfast support of the warfighter make this team TOP NOTCH!

- SAF/FM Staff

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It’s Top Notch Tuesday! This week, we’d like to spotlight the 821 ABG from Thule Air Base, Greenland.

Located 750 miles north of the Arctic Circle, Thule Air Base is the US Armed Forces' northernmost installation. Icebergs in North Star Bay, a polar ice sheet, and Wolstenholme Fjord—the only place on Earth where four active glaciers converge—make up the arctic landscape surrounding the base.

Thule AB is home to the 21st Space Wing’s global network of sensors providing missile warning, space surveillance and space control to North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and Air Force Space Command (AFSPC). The base hosts the 12th Space Warning Squadron, which operates a Ballistic Missile Early Warning System designed to detect and track ICBMs launched against North America, and is host to Detachment 1 of the 23rd Space Operations Squadron, part of the 50th Space Wing's global satellite control network. The airfield's 10,000-foot runway handles more than 3,000 US and international flights annually and is home to the northernmost deep water port in the world.

This highly motivated FM team is comprised of one SNCO, two NCOs, and one Airmen who provide customer service to the multinational population that makes up Team Thule. They maintain a $690K disbursing operation and provide the decision support required to flawlessly execute a $22M budget.

The 821 ABG/FM’s commitment to excellence has led the team to MAJCOM-wide recognition. In just the past six months, the team received AFSPC Resource Advisor of the Quarter and Group Staff Amn of the Quarter. Team Thule’s critical support of the 12th Space Warning Squadron, Det 1, NORAD, and the 21 Space Wing not only enables these entities to provide early missile warning, space surveillance, and space control on both an international and MAJCOM level, it also makes them truly TOP NOTCH!

-SAF/FM Staff

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It’s Top Notch Tuesday! This week, we’d like to spotlight the 919th Special Operations Wing from Eglin Air Force Base.

The 919th SOW carries the distinction of being the United States Air Force's only reserve Special Operations Wing. It is also unique in that it reports to both Air Force Reserve Command and Air Force Special Operations Command while being an Air Force Materiel Command tenant unit of Eglin AFB.

The 919th SOW provides 1,300 highly-trained Citizen Air Commandos to the force. These Top Notch Airmen embody total force integration. They perform the Air Force’s Expeditionary Combat Support mission, as well as its Combat Aviation Advisor and Non-Standard Aviation programs utilizing C-145A and C-146A aircraft, conduct flight instruction and deploy alongside their active duty counterparts, and employ the MQ-9 remotely piloted aircraft in support of combatant commanders worldwide.

The Financial Management professionals of the 919th execute budgets of over $60.9M with funding from AFSOC O&M, AFRC O&M, and AFRC Reserve Personnel Appropriations (RPA), and provide key decision-making support to wing leadership. Additionally, they support the $3.3M budget of a GSU REDHORSE squadron, which provides financial support to missions in Guam, Central, and South America.

The FMers of the 919th embody the Air Force strategic imperative of agility- continuously going above and beyond, despite funding limitations, to provide unparalleled decision support to leadership in an ever-changing environment.

This team is driven to be the best in supporting our special missions. The outstanding dedication and response to the needs of the Air Force Reserve Command and the Air Force Special Operations Command make the 919th SOW FMers truly TOP NOTCH!

- SAF/FM Staff

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FM Team,

It gives me great pleasure to announce the winners of the FY2017 Air Force Financial Management and Comptroller Annual Awards. We are continually impressed by the quality and achievements of our nominees, and they are truly reflective of a workforce we should be proud of.

I'd like to particularly call out the winners of our awards named in honor of extraordinary Air Force FM leaders from years past. They are:

Mr. Robert Lymangrover, AFLCMC/FM: The Robert D. Stuart Award for Excellence in Financial Management

CMSgt Christine J. Daniels, HQ ACC/FM: The James E. Short Award for Outstanding Contribution to Mentorship and Career Development

Lt Col Jason M. Holcomb, 2 CPTS/FM: The Major General Frank R. Faykes Financial Management and Comptroller of the Year

502 CPTS/FM, Joint Base San Antonio: The Major General Alfred K. Flowers Comptroller Organization of the Year

SMSgt Melanie V. Townsend, 81 CPTS/FMD: The Chief Master Sergeant Larry P. Gonzales Superintendent of the Year

Our award winners should be proud of their accomplishments. There is no doubt that these Airmen are living up to the proud legacy of the individuals whose lifetimes of service were honored by these "Name Awards."

My congratulations again to all award recipients and nominees, and my thanks to the whole Air Force FM community.


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It’s Top Notch Tuesday! This week, we’d like to spotlight the 94th Airlift Wing Financial Management Office from Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Georgia.

The 94th Airlift Wing is made up of a HQ Staff, 3 Groups, 12 Squadrons and 1 flight, and the 94th Airlift Wing FM office is the host FM office for over 2500 Reservist Military personnel and 500 civilians at Dobbins ARB. The team supports and guarantees the mission readiness of the 94th AW by providing first class financial services to reservists at the heart of metro Atlanta area.

This Comptroller team is comprised of 13 professionals whom provide critical services every Unit Training Assembly. Their support includes newcomer and pre/post deployment briefings, on demand DTS training, and outstanding military and travel pay service, all while simultaneously maintaining the tempo and requirements to mobilize anywhere in the world within 72 hours.

The 94th FM contributes to Rapid Global Mobility by providing financial support for operations including cargo and personnel airlift, tactical airdrop, and aeromedical evacuations. They also contribute to Agile Combat Support including security, logistics, communications, civil engineering and other support functions.

As a testament to the combat-ready mentality of the 94th FM, the shop recently deployed a five-member team to Southwest Asia where two of the members won quarterly awards and were coined by the Group Commanders for their outstanding performance.

The dedication and commitment to excellence of the men and women of the 94th Reserve FM puts them in a league of their own and makes them a TOP NOTCH team!!

- SAF/FM Staff

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The March SAF/FM Online Newsletter is now available on the FM Publications SharePoint! Email the SAF/FMEW Workflow or comment below for the link.

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It’s Top Notch Tuesday! This week, we’d like to spotlight the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center’s Cost and Economic Division (FZC) at Wright-Patterson AFB.

AFLCMC/FZC is a centralized acquisition organization of High Demand Low Density (HDLD) cost estimators/analysts whose primary roles include Execution Support and Organize, Train & Equip Support. Comprised primarily of Operations Research Analysts, Wright Patterson (WP) FZC delivers development, production and sustainment estimates for weapons and business systems.

WP FZC is the Center Cost Lead organization for FZC offices at the Hanscom and Eglin Operating Locations. The team supports 7 Directorates, and an additional 2 and 1 PEOs, respectively. FZC’s cost estimates support 380+ AFLCMC acquisition category (ACAT) programs including 40+ ACAT Is. AFLCMC/FZC also works with the Air Force Sustainment Center (AFSC) FZC offices via a Center Level Agreement to ensure that AFLCMC programs located/managed at the AFSC bases are provided with necessary estimating services. FZC offices perform more than $1 Trillion of cost estimating services for Air Force Life Cycle Management Center’s Directorates each year!

The support provided by FZC depends on the program offices’ needs. FZC may assign a lead estimator, a team member, an adviser, or an independent reviewer for Program Office Estimates (POEs) which are required to be updated annually. The estimates provide decision support for Milestone Decisions, budget projections, and/or Program Office Memorandum (POM) deliberations by the Air Force Corporate Structure. FZC analysts support what is commonly known as the most complex effort in Air Force acquisition: cost realism evaluations in source selections. While the majority of FZC’s estimates are in support of established programs, the team also supports pre-Milestone A Development Planning programs, and provides estimating expertise to Red Teams in other organizations such as SAF/FMC and the Air Force Cost Analysis Agency (AFCAA), the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), the Air Force Nuclear Weapon Center (AFNWC), the Rapid Capability Office (RCO), the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

WP FZC is made up of 47 team members, to include a Division Chief, 3 Branch Chiefs, senior and junior analysts, 2 officers, and 6 trainees. The organization has proudly had a number of local and national award winners in a variety of categories! Earlier this month, three team members won awards from the International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association (ICEAA) 2018 Greater Dayton Chapter: Association Service Award, Educator of the Year, and Junior Analyst of the Year! Not to mention, team members winning ICEAA INTERNATIONAL award for Junior Analyst of the Year, the AFLCMC/FM award for the AFLCMC Comptroller Senior Staff/OL Analyst, and the Junior Financial Manager ACAT I/II award in 2017, and, at the SAF/FM level, the Excellence in Cost Analysis Award in 2016.

The FZC team is full of existing and budding talent who are no doubt up to the task—that’s what makes their team TOP NOTCH!

- SAF/FM Staff

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It’s Top Notch Tuesday! This week, we’d like to spotlight the 90th Comptroller Squadron from F. E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming.

The 90th Missile Wing, AKA The Mighty Ninety, maintains the world’s premier combat ready ICBM force and is the home of the Missileer, 20th AF/HQ, and 582d Helicopter Group—the only HG in the Air Force.

The Mighty Ninety’s mission is to provide front line strategic defense and deterrence to America and its allies with a blanket of protection, on time, every time and any time.
F.E. Warren (then Fort D.A. Russell) was founded in 1867, the same year as its host city of Cheyenne, making the base the Air Force’s oldest continuously active military installation. Fun fact: every July, Cheyenne hosts the country’s largest outdoor rodeo, “Cheyenne Frontier Days,” a 10-day event that doubles the city’s population, attracting spectators from around the world!

Comprised of 18 military and 9 civilian employees, the 90th Comptroller Squadron provides superior service to 4,200 customers and flawlessly executes $101M annually. The Mighty Ninety’s efforts recently culminated with four wing annual award winners, 1 Below the Zone Airman, 2 MAJCOM IG superior performers, and 3 Diamond Sharp recipients. Members of the squadron also lent their expertise to the largest Joint Acquisition Exercise in the DoD, supporting over 400 personnel through more than 270 scenarios. Joint combat ops at its best!

The hard work, joint ops efforts, and excellent financial execution are all a part of what makes The Mighty Ninety TOP NOTCH!

-SAF/FM Staff

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It’s Top Notch Tuesday! This week, we’d like to spotlight the mighty 82nd Comptroller Squadron from Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas, home to the 82nd Training Wing.

The 82nd Training Wing is the United States Air Force’s largest and most diverse training wing. Its mission is to provide effective and efficient aircraft maintenance, munitions, and military training to build strengthen and sustain global combat capability.

Team Sheppard conducts specialized aircraft maintenance and civil engineer training for the United States Air Force, Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard, and allied nation forces. Sheppard is also home to the 80th Flying Training Wing. With a mission to produce the world’s finest NATO pilots with the skills and attitude to succeed in fighter aviation, the 80th FTW graduates 350 pilots annually, and is the world’s only internationally manned and managed pilot training program.

Our Airmen impact every single aircraft and missile capabilities in the Air Force enterprise, including our nation’s nuclear deterrence operations—the Department of Defense’s most lethal mission. In 2017, the Wing provided 62,000 combat-ready warriors to the Air Force and our allies, and recently had four warfighters return from deployment, demonstrating why we say that at Sheppard AFB, Combat Capability Starts Here!

The 82nd Comptroller Squadron is a vital member of “Team Sheppard” and is comprised of 43 military and civilian Airmen who serve over 17K Total Force Airmen stationed, trained, and working at Sheppard. These hard-working FMers provide critical decision support to our dual-wing leaders, facilitate the flawless execution of a $312M annual budget, and play an active role in the local Wichita Falls community through events like highway clean-ups and food bank drives.

The undying drive this highly motivated team of finance professionals exhibits has led to two BTZ recipients, three promotions, two Wing Staff Annual award winners, and three Wing Staff Quarterly award winners.
The 82nd CPTS’ dedication to supporting Air Education and Training Command’s training mission and its league of resource management professionals makes them truly TOP NOTCH!

- SAF FM Staff

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NCR FMers: Join us in the Pentagon Auditorium this afternoon for Mr. Roth's presentation!

Don't forget that you can submit your questions in advance- email the SAF/FMEW Workflow or comment below!

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It’s Top Notch Tuesday! This week, we’d like to spotlight the 319th Comptroller Squadron, Grand Forks Air Force Base, North Dakota.

The 319th CPTS is a key organization of Team Grand Forks Air Force Base (GFAFB), the 319th Air Base Wing (319th ABW), also known as “the Warriors of the North.” The 319th ABW provides primary Base Operating Support to wing personnel, two tenant units, and 11 geographically separated units. The wing trains, deploys, and redeploys over 1,400 Airmen in support of Air Expeditionary Force and COCOM requirements, support missions conducted by Air Combat Command and Air Force Space Command, and provides facilities and equipment support for other federal agencies.

The 23 military and eight civilians who make up the 319th CPTS provide key financial services and decision support to more than 3,500 Active Duty, Guards, Reserve, and Civilians associated with Team GFAFB. The squadron’s mission is “Securing resources for Team Grand Forks Air Force Base and its Airmen … delivering reliable financial service and value-added decision support always!” They do so by following the clear vision statement: “Consistent … Professional … Trustworthy … Service for Team Grand Forks Air Force Base!”, and represent the squadron’s motto, “where people count!”

In FY16, the 319th CPTS secured and executed 100% of wing’s Unfunded Requirements (UFRs) worth over $18 million, and was recognized as #1 Quality of Life (QoL) investment wing within their MAJCOM. “Where people count” is more than just a motto for the 319th CPTS; in FY17, the squadron led an effort to offset the financial burden on the base’s Airmen when on base dining facilities were closed. Despite of the government shutdown this fiscal year, the 319th CPTS effectively established fiscal controls and guidance for the wing leadership and personnel to ensure a smooth shutdown and recovery. Furthermore, the 319th CPTS led FY18 wing UFR and FY19 Execution Plan developments two months early in effort to enable COMACC’s intents “regain readiness” and “bring future faster,” which resulted in $7 million worth of UFRs generated, posturing the wing for continued success.

The 319th CPTS has been recognized with several awards, including AMC/FM Cat I Civilian of the Year 2016, 319th ABW Cat I Civilian of the Year 2016, 319th ABW Cat II Civilian of the 4th Quarter 2016, AMC/FM Star Performer Award six times, 319th WSA Amn of the Year 2016, 319th WSA SNCO of the Year 2017, 319th WSA Quarterly Award Winners eight times, 319th ABW 1Sgt’s Council Diamond Sharp Award.

The strong foundation of the 319th CPTS enables them to adapt to challenges. They continually strive for excellence in all they do, and demonstrate a commitment to their motto, “Where people count,” every day. This squadron’s dedication to financing the Air Combat Command’s mission and its league of professionals makes them truly TOP NOTCH!

-SAF/FM Staff

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FM Team –

Please join me and our FM family as we congratulate the promotion of our newest FM Senior Master Sergeants. In today's highly competitive Air Force this is a significant accomplishment and I am extremely proud of these FMers who have achieved this milestone based on their performance and ability to lead. We wish each of you continued success as senior FM leaders. Congratulations to you and your families!


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The February 2018 SAF/FM Online Newsletter is now available on myFM Career!

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It’s Top Notch Tuesday! This week, we’d like to spotlight the 5th Comptroller Squadron from Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota.

The 5th Comptroller Squadron supports over 5,800 military and civilian airmen assigned to the 5th Bomb Wing and the 91st Missile Wing and enables the success of the Air Force’s only dual-wing, nuclear capable base consisting of both B-52s and Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles.

The Financial Management professionals of the 5th Comptroller Squadron provide key decision support to leaders of both wings and execute an annual budget of over $130M. The unit processed Temporary Duty and deployment vouchers valued at $1.2M. Additionally, they support Continuing Bomber Presence at Andersen AFB, Guam and numerous strategic deterrence missions across the globe.

The hard work of the finance professionals led to them winning Air Force Global Strike Commands best metrics for 2017, the Air Force Financial Services Office of the Year and AFGSC Financial Analysis Flight of the Year for 2016. The team member’s excellence has been recognized with 2 Below the Zone awards, 1 Numbered Air Force Airman of the Year, 2 AFGSC annual award winners, numerous Wing Staff Agency annual and quarterly winners.

This squadron’s dedication to support Air Force Global Strike Command’s mission illustrates the fact that “Only the Best come North” makes them truly TOP NOTCH!

- SAF/FM Staff

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We are excited to announce the winner of the SAF/FM Cover Photo Contest…

Congratulations to Senior Airman Areca T. Bell! SrA Bell’s photo was submitted by the 31st Comptroller Squadron at Aviano Air Base, Italy.

Pictured: An F-16 Fighting Falcon takes off, July 6, 2016, from Aviano Air Base for a combat-training exercise.

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An F-16 Fighting Falcon takes off, July 6, 2016, from Aviano Air Base for a combat-training exercise.

U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Areca T. Bell/ Released

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The 460th Space Wing is located in picturesque Aurora, Colorado at Buckley Air Force Base. The 13,000 men and women of Team Buckley work tirelessly to support the wing’s mission of combat-ready Airmen providing warning, surveillance, and installation operations for America and its Allies. The Overhead Persistent Infrared (OPIR) missions on Buckley AFB include missile warning, missile defense, technical intelligence, battlespace awareness, and nuclear detonation detection.

The 460th Comptroller Squadron plays a key role in supporting the wing’s main areas of focus. These include Airmen and families, mission excellence, and installation readiness. The squadron consists of 27 military and civilian personnel with a customer base of 93K and services 93 Units. The yearly budget execution totals $106.7M and $116.4M in accounting. Great effort is made to achieve their mission of customer focused services, objective decision support, and professional financial management expertise.

Representative of all the hard work that the team has put in are the numerous awards won around the squadron. SrA Jaden Wood, SSgt Justin Czarnecki, and Ms. Cindy Lazzara have all taken wing quarterly awards this year. Ms. Judy Corizzo stole the show winning two of four quarters at the wing level. Competing functionally, SSgt William Cody was awarded AFSPC/FM NCO of the quarter. Up against some strong competition within the Wing Staff Agency, they also competed well for annual awards. SrA Jaden Wood, TSgt Russell Hale, and Ms. Judy Corizzo won their respective categories for Wing Staff Agency Airmen of the year. Lastly, their Financial Management Analysis team earned the wing’s top honors and was selected as the 2017 Team of the Year. The comradery and dedication of America’s finest Airmen serving within the 460th Comptroller squadron makes the organization TOP NOTCH!!

- SAF/FM Staff

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Reminder: Senior Leader Webchat (and an opportunity to earn CETs!) this Thursday!

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It’s Top Notch Tuesday! This week, we’re spotlighting Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, home to the 36th Wing (Team Andersen), hosting over 6,600 military, civilian and retired members and supporting 3 tenant units. The 36th Wings’ mission is to provide the President of the United States sovereign options to decisively employ airpower across the entire spectrum of engagement.

The 36th Comptroller Squadron is a vital member of Team Andersen and is comprised of 24 military and civilian members. Its mission is to provide full spectrum support through superb financial management to Team Andersen in the areas of financial analysis and services in supporting the priorities of the 36th Wing. This support ensured accurate accounting and flawless execution of an annual operating budget of $66 million in support of U.S. Pacific Air Forces' (PACAF) continuous bomber presence, theater security packages, and contingency response operations from Andersen AFB, all while providing top-notch customer service to 5.2K walk-in customers. The professionals of this unit deliver focused, financial decision support, enable Team Andersen’s mission, and develop innovative and mission ready Airmen to “Fight Tonight.”

The hard work from this highly motivated team of financial professionals has led to 7 promotions, 1 PACAF/FM Quarterly Award, 4 Wing Staff Agency Quarterly Awards, 3 Wing Staff Agency Annual Awards and 2 Wing Annual Awards. The 36th Comptroller Squadron’s dedication to being “Prepared to Prevail” throughout the 36th Wing community is part of what truly makes them a TOP NOTCH team!

- SAF/FM Staff

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