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Some may call them "brats" -- but be sure to think of your military child this month. They serve too!

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Recently unveiled at the 34th National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs...

‪ Launch highlights from this past weekend’s successful AFSPC-11 mission.

AFSPC-11 Mission Successfully Launched

LOS ANGELES AIR FORCE BASE, El Segundo, Calif. -- The U.S. Air Force successfully launched the AFSPC-11 dual payload mission on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, April 14 at 7:13 p.m. EDT.

“Congratulations to the AFSPC-11 integrated team and all mission partners on a successful launch. This is testament to the dedicated government and contractor professionals who work tirelessly mission-by-mission to achieve 100 percent mission success.” said Lt. Gen. John F. Thompson, Space and Missile Systems Center commander and Air Force program executive officer for space.

Launch services for the Atlas V 551 vehicle were acquired by the Space and Missile Systems Center. First used in 2006, this Atlas vehicle configuration successfully launched the New Horizons satellite, the Juno satellite, and five Navy communications MUOS missions.

The AFSPC-11 mission consisted of the Continuous Broadcast Augmenting SATCOM (CBAS) forward payload and the EELV Secondary Payload Adapter (ESPA) Augmented Geosynchronous Laboratory Experiment (EAGLE) aft payload.

Managed by the Military Satellite Communications Directorate of the U.S. Air Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center, CBAS is a military satellite communications spacecraft destined for geosynchronous orbit to provide communications relay capabilities to support senior leaders and combatant commanders. CBAS will augment existing military satellite communications capabilities and broadcast military data continuously through space-based, satellite communications relay links.

The Air Force Research Laboratory EAGLE payload’s primary mission objective is to demonstrate a maneuverable ESPA based on a space vehicle design which can accommodate up to six hosted or deployable payloads in geosynchronous orbit.

SMC is the U.S. Air Force's center for acquiring and developing military space systems. Its portfolio includes GPS, military satellite communications, defense meteorological satellites, space launch and range systems, satellite control networks, space-based infrared systems and space situational awareness capabilities.

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‪Liftoff of the Atlas V launch vehicle carrying a dual payload mission for the Air Force. #AFSPC11, #AtlasV

‪We have "GO" for launch of #AFSPC11mission aboard the Atlas V 551 launch vehicle! #AFSPC11, #AtlasV

‪This is the 77th Atlas V vehicle and the 8th Atlas V in the 551 vehicle configuration #AFSPC11, #AtlasV

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‪SMC is the U.S. Air Force's center for acquiring, developing and launching military space systems. AFSPC-11 launch window opens at 7:13 p.m. EDT. #AFSPC11, #AtlasV

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‪ ‪The Air Force is ready to launch #AFSPC11 from CCAFS, April 14. The launch window opens at 7:13 p.m. EDT. Yesterday, the Atlas V rocket carrying the mission was rolled from the Vertical Integration Facility to the launch pad in prep for launch. (Photos courtesy of ULA)‬

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For nearly an hour, it was 1943 again…

Described as “looking and sounding like black angry birds,” Stuka dive bombers flown by the Luftwaffe began their attacks over the Warsaw Ghetto of Nazi German-occupied Poland as Dr. Lawrence Warick recounted the sights and sounds he witnessed first-hand as a three-year-old child during World War II.

75 years later, in partnership with the Los Angeles Museum of Tolerance, Dr. Warick, who later served as an Air Force Captain in the medical field of Psychiatry during the Vietnam conflict, shared some of his experiences as a survivor of the Shoah as the Space and Missile Systems Center personnel at Los Angeles Air Force Base once again paid tribute during Holocaust Remembrance Day to the six million lives lost, and honor the valuable contributions of the Jewish community. (U.S. Air Force photos / Sarah Corrice)

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The launch is scheduled for April 14 from CCAFS.

In partnership with the Los Angeles Museum of Tolerance, please join us in the Gordon Conference Center on Thursday, Apr. 12 with guest speaker Dr. Lawrence Warick as he recounts his experiences as a child in the Holocaust as well as his experiences as a survivor.

Join us as we pay tribute to the 6 million lives lost in the Holocaust and honor the valuable contributions of the Jewish community. Please see the attached flyer for details.

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The speakers and panel members shared that most of their careers were not planned out, they all agreed that seizing opportunities, seeking feedback and embracing challenges are necessary to progress in their careers.

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Senior leaders in government and industry shared their leadership perspectives.

The mission is set to launch mid-April aboard an Atlas V.

Even though Los Angeles Air Force Base doesn't have an active flightline (the exception being when LAX falls under the Department of Homeland Security's National Response Framework as a regional Federal Coordinating Center for the National Disaster Medical System), the local 61st Medical Squadron does, in fact, have TWO Flight Surgeons on their staff!

In honor of #NationalDoctorsDay (March 30), we profile Capt. (Dr.) Chenghui Su, one of our "Flying Docs," about the uniqueness of providing patient-centered and trusted healthcare in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area via our SMC YouTube channel.

Click here to learn more:

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Mediate named Product Support Manager of the Year
Space and Missile Systems Center Public Affairs

LOS ANGELES AIR FORCE BASE – EL SEGUNDO, Calif. -- Bruno Mediate is not your typical product support manager. In fact, nothing he does is average, which is how he captured the 2017 Secretary of Defense Product Support Manager Award for Major Defense Acquisition Programs (Category I).

His dedication and program acumen are responsible for keeping the Space and Missile Systems Center’s Global Positioning System Directorate on course.

“I’m honored to have been selected as the Department of Defense Product Support Manager for the calendar year 2016. While my name is on that award, I truly feel this is recognition for my entire team that provides product support, both here at Los Angeles Air Force Base, and at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado,” said Mediate.

“This award recognizes PSMs as key leaders in providing the very best product support for our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines,” stated Ellen Lord, Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition & Sustainment, in her message announcing the fifth annual award winners throughout the Department of Defense.

“The award furthers the Defense Acquisition Workforce vision of creating a high quality, high-performing, agile DAW to achieve technological superiority and protect America's national security.”

Mediate’s high orbit accomplishments include leading his efforts in sustaining legacy GPS satellites and ground stations, achieving all-time record GPS system performance and service to the world. He accomplished this by fielding the largest Operational Control Segment software modification in GPS history consisting of three major software releases, correcting 1,475 system problems, and improving the GPS ground system operational availability to 98 percent.

“Bruno did a phenomenal job leading our sustainment team to ensure GPS continues to be the ‘Gold Standard,’ enabling 24/7 access for porting our joint warfighters, allies, civil partners, and over four billion worldwide users,” said Col. Steven P. Whitney, director, Global Positioning Systems Directorate. “This is the guy responsible for getting you from Point A to Point B.”

Mediate continued to achieve GPS record-setting performance by awarding 18 sustainment contract modifications in less than six months during the busiest sustainment year in a decade, which was due to delayed fielding of the GPS Next Generation Operational Control System, or OCX. To ensure the global infrastructure was in place to accommodate the future OCX deployment, he successfully partnered with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency to execute a $200,000 modification to prepare existing NGA remote sites for OCX, expanding GPS global reach satellite visibility while increasing overall global navigation accuracy.

Additionally, he led actions resulting in a $14 million savings in GPS Command and Control System sustainment costs, while ensuring uninterrupted operations support of C2 systems and remote sites. Mediate responded to DoD cyber security requirements by developing a $130-million cyber upgrade plan, implementing significant improvements to harden the cyber posture of GPS, and delivering continuous key capabilities to prevent GPS catastrophic cyber-attack.

“Under Bruno's outstanding leadership, he has reorganized GPS Sustainment in a way that allows us to deliver new capabilities at an unprecedented rate,” said Maj. Johnny Touchstone, Deputy, Global Positioning System Program Support Branch.

Mediate led his team to excel by updating numerous worldwide facilities to support future GPS systems, saving over $5 million in infrastructure build-out costs. Through his deliberate cost-cutting efforts, he reduced the $3-million annual support cost for the oldest satellites down to $1.5 million annually.

“Bruno and his team’s extraordinary work sustaining legacy GPS satellites and ground stations, as well as achieving all-time record GPS performance and service to the world, represent the best of SMC, and the DoD,” stated Lt. Gen. John Thompson, commander of SMC and Air Force program executive officer for Space, in a message to base personnel.

“You don’t get here by yourself. SMC as a whole, and especially within the GPS community and my specific product support team, we really operate as one unit,” said Mediate. “We’re always pulling together and making sure we’re doing what’s best for the operational customer, and as I say, the recognition and honor may have my name on it, but it’s really dedicated to all the folks that I work with, and that work for me as well, in this recognition for the support that we have for the GPS system.”

(See the SMC YouTube video here:

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The contract award is for launch services for three GPS III and two AFSPC missions.

More than 20 airmen partipated in the annual nationwide event to promote literacy and celebrate Dr. Seuss’ continuing legacy.

‪Final Request For Proposal released today on FedBizOps for Air Force Launch Services Contract. Proposals are due April 16 with an expected contract award later this year.