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3rd Infantry Division, Fort Stewart, Ga.





Building combat power is all about effective and on time logistical support. In these photos you can see the work that #MarneAir is putting into rebuilding combat power following their deployment in Afghanistan.

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Second Battle of the Marne, France July 15 to August 6, 1918.

On this day 100 years ago the words, We Shall Remain Here (or Nous Resterons la in French), were uttered by the very first 3rd Infantry Division commander.

As French troops withdrew under heavy German contact, the #DogFaceSoldiers of the 3rd Infantry held their ground along the Marne River and ultimately blunted a heavy German attack. The actions of 3ID during the Second Battle of the Marne 100 years ago led to the ultimate victory of allied forces during World War I.

It was the stubbornness and resolve of the "Marne Division" in this battle that earned our beloved moniker, "Rock of the Marne."

Today, the Marne Division is still known by our Soldiers, who are the epitome of Rock Solid professionals, and when asked will fight like the Dogface Soldiers we are.

Happy Birthday #3ID and here's to the another 100!


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Read the latest message below from the 3rd Infantry Division Senior Enlisted Leader, Command Sgt. Maj. Daniel Hendrex to Soldiers and family members. And follow him on Facebook at CSM Daniel Hendrex.

As a young Sergeant in 3rd Infantry Division I was mostly unaware of the history that surrounded us every day. Outside of singing the Dogface Soldier every morning (poorly I might add) and learning about Audie Murphy (5 ft 6 and 110 pounds), it was oblivious to most of us. We were more concerned with how to get to Savannah and back for a night on River Street.

Since my return to 3rd ID, and the Division Headquarters’ return from Afghanistan in May, I have had the opportunity (and honor) to gain a greater appreciation of the 3rd ID History and the Soldiers who have left a lasting legacy upon it. It has truly been humbling to understand the sacrifice that so many Soldiers and families have endured over the last century. Those roots are the very foundation of this Division and are as true today as they were when the Division first stood up to answer the nation’s call in WWI.

In the last three months I have also come to realize that we truly walk in the Shadows of Heroes.

Why the realization? I have several reasons.

I got to experience the battlefields of WWI in France with 30 of our best Dogface Soldiers, and walked the cemeteries of the Somme, Meuse-Argonne, and monument at Chateau-Thierry.

We climbed the hillside in the Champage Region of France near a little town called Moulin, where the 30th and 38th Infantry Regiments of the newly formed 3rd ID held fast along the Marne River, and became forever known as the "Rock of the Marne."

We visited Greves Farms in France and saw where young Lt. Hayes, a Field Artillery Soldier with the 3rd ID, would ride horse after horse between the Artillery Headquarters to the front lines keeping two French batteries in the fight by providing accurate fires and ultimately turned the tide of the advancing German Army. He had seven horses shot out from underneath him that day and would become the 1st recipient of the Medal of Honor for 3rd ID.

These experiences gave me an appreciation for our forefathers that I never really grasped before.

Additionally, watching this year’s Sullivan Cup winners (Top Tank Crew in the Army) get promoted by the Marne River - that hallowed ground - was inspirational and something I am sure they will never forget.

Here at home, having my family participate in the Fort Stewart Remembrance Run 5K to honor the 468 fallen Dogface Soldiers commemorated at Warriors Walk. Meeting the Ramirez and Lamies families was humbling. They are two Gold Star families who were there to pay tribute to their sons.

Then having the opportunity to meet and spend time with Pauline Conner and her family in Washington, D.C. to posthumously honor 1st Lt. Garlin Conner for his actions in WWII. It was truly humbling to witness President Trump honored his actions and present the Medal of Honor to the family, making Conners the 56th MoH awardee within the 3rd ID.

I got to personally welcome home the final flights for the 3rd ID Sustainment Brigade and Combat Aviation Brigade. Each unit had theater wide responsibilities, and was critical to the overall success of Operation Freedom Sentinel. After nine hard months it was a true honor to shake each of their hands and share in their elation as they stepped off their planes.

Finally, I attended a memorial for our most recent fallen Soldier. On July 7th Cpl. Joseph Maciel, a member of Task Force 1-28 Infantry, was killed in action in Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan. Maciel was a Grenadier in support of the 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade. His memorial was held at Fort Benning, Georgia.

I am again humbled by the continued sacrifice of our Soldiers and families. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Soldiers, family and friends of Cpl. Maciel.


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Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

It's all about maintaining combat readiness and being capable warfighters. Here, members of the 3rd Infantry Division staff huddle around a map visualizing the fight against fictitious Ariana during the first of three command post exercises designed to challenge and increase competence and their warfighting skillsets.

#WhoBroughtTheCoffee #MissionCommand #exercisex3

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Happening Now

Everything you want and need to know about Army Futures Command! Check it out!

#ROTM #3ID #FutureSoBrightINeedSunglasses

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Part of redeploying home is bringing back your equipment. The 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division (3 CAB, 3 ID) got their birds back. Check out how port operations make this endeavor easy.

#MarneAir #Portoperations #Flyinghome #3ID

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The 3rd Infantry Division celebrates 100-years of service to our country this year.

Formed at Camp Green, North Carolina on November 21, 1917, 3rd ID distinguished itself in WWI by holding the Germans back on the banks of the Marne River, earning the division the nickname "Rock of the Marne."

Since then, the division has developed a legacy of excellence and one of the most successful combat records of any U.S. Army division.

Stay tuned as we kick off the Marne Centennial Campaign! #Marne100

Rock of the Marne!

#3ID #ROTM #FORSCOM #USArmy #ArmyTeam #Centennial #Anniversary

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Attention Dogface Soldiers: The Army's new fitness test will connect FITNESS with combat READINESS, for all Soldiers!

Here are the details on the six events:

Rock of the Marne!

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ATTENTION: July 11: Extreme heat conditions are in effect: Fort Stewart is at Heat-Category 5. Please take proper precautions to ensure you, your family, your friends and your pets are well hydrated.

3rd Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade 3rd Infantry Division Artillery 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division (3 CAB, 3 ID) 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division

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On July 7, we lost a family member and an exceptional Soldier when Cpl. Joseph Maciel, an infantryman with Task Force 1-28 Infantry, 3rd Infantry Division, assigned to Fort Benning, Georgia, was killed while deployed to Afghanistan in support of the 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade.

His sacrifice and unwavering dedication to duty represent everything a Soldier should be.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to his family, friends, and loved ones. The Marne team is here to support all those in need during this trying time and we ask you to keep Cpl. Maciel's family in your thoughts and prayers.

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Welcome home 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division (3 CAB, 3 ID)! They arrived home yesterday after nine months in Afghanistan supporting Operation Freedom’s Sentinel. We are proud of you and happy you're back home with us.


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It's official! The U.S. Army has approved a new physical fitness test. The ACFT will tie fitness with combat readiness for all Soldiers. Check out the link below for more information.

#ROTM #ACFT #PT #GoodForYouGoodForMe

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We recognize that our post yesterday regarding 3rd Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade was not clear so to clarify in regards to the 4th of July run; only three deployed commanders voluntarily participated in the run. The brigade commander, a battalion commander, and a company commander. Over 99% of the formation in the run was from the rear detachment. No redeployed Soldiers were forced to participate in the run. Our priority was reuniting Soldiers with their loved ones.

The 4th of July fell on a Wednesday and policy does not allow 5-day weekends, however, we shorten the day, which included the run, a picnic, a concert and culminated with a long weekend.

We hope the Soldiers of the 3rd Sustainment Brigade are enjoying their much needed time with loved ones.


The long weekend is over, let's get energized.

What running cadence keeps you motivated?

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This 4th of July weekend was a busy one for the Division! In case you missed it, our 3rd Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade redeployed home from Afghanistan after a successful nine months. They arrived late in the evening on the 3rd, but that didn't stop them from waking up early the next day to participate in the Marne Division's 4th of July fun run, which kicked off all of Fort Stewart's Independence Day activities.


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For 242 years our nation has been a symbol of freedom and leadership throughout the world.

For more than 243 years, our Soldiers have protected this great nation. Their sacrifices and fight is what keeps us free.

The 3rd Infantry Division will do our part to keep Dogface Soldiers ready to fight and win our nation's wars.

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Notice the patch in this U.S. Army promotional video. That's right the Marne Division was featured with the NHRA in creating this recruiting video focusing on an innovative force. Although technology and equipment evolve and assist in waging war it is still our Soldiers and their demonstrated leadership that make our Army the most lethal in the world

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Watch tonight as NASCAR honors the Armed Services by bearing the names of active duty military units on their car’s windshields in the @CocaCola Firecracker 250 live from Daytona International Speedway. Fort Stewart Hunter Army Airfield and the 3rd Infantry Division will be represented well in the race: 385th Military Police Battalion will be on the #22 car driven by Ryan Blaney, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division will be on the #35 car driven by Joey Gase Racing, and 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division will be on the #36 car driven by Alex Labbé

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The reason we fight!

Soldiers have protected America for 243 years. We want to hear your #SoldierStory as #IndependenceDay approaches.

What do GEN Mark A. Milley's words mean to you?

#July4th #4thOfJuly #FourthOfJuly

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Someone said they wanted fireworks, so we found some Soldiers to put on a show.

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In Case You Missed It
Last night we had an amazing Independence Day celebration at Donovan Field on Fort Stewart. Food, fun and fireworks went on well into the evening as guests were treated to great music from Jagged Edge, LOCASH, and 3 Doors Down!

Everyone also had an opportunity to welcome back our Dogface Soldiers from 3rd Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade who took the stage with LOCASH to thunderous applause just a day after getting off the plane from Afghanistan.

Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy the evening and those who supported the event. The 3rd Infantry Division always loves getting an opportunity to celebrate the nation with our local community. We couldn't do what we do without you!

#ROTM #Freedom #July4th #CountYourFingersThisMorning

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Jagged Edge hits the stage at Fort Stewart Hunter Army Airfield 4th of July celebration on Donovan Field. It is not too late...come on down.


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Come one come all, to Donovan Field this evening and help celebrate our Nation’s birthday with a few thousand of your favorite friends.

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The 3rd Infantry Division celebrated the 242nd anniversary of the United States' independence with a division run through Fort Stewart. Cheers from family and friends along the route motivated our Dogface Soldiers to finish strong.
Thanks to everyone who made it possible and enjoy spending time with friends and family today and don't forget about the Independence Day concert at Donovan Field featuring 3 Doors Down, LOCASH, and Jagged Edge followed by an awesome fireworks display!

#ROTM #Marne100 #4thofJuly #StaySafe #KeepAllYourFingers

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