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Maj. Gregory S. Galstad assigned to 741st Military Intelligence Battalion’s S3 is kicking off the Electron Recon Brigade’s MICA Golf Tournament in style!

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"We must prepare for the toughest fight. We must now build the Army of 2028." -Secretary of the Army

The Electron Recon Brigade is on that path...

The Intelligence and Security Command Noncommissioned Officer of the Year is Staff Sgt. Melanie Wahl, assigned to Headquarters Operations Company, 741st Military Intelligence Battalion "First to Know". The 704th MI Brigade would like to congratulate Wahl on her exemplary performance and a job well done!

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As the technical experts in the Army, warrant officers manage and maintain many of the Army’s combat systems, vehicles and networks.

CW5 Craig Jones, 704th MI Brigade command chief warrant officer, said command chief warrant officers enhance their organizations.

"It's a very fortunate organization that has a command chief warrant officer because they're the go-to experts for their craft and because we served as NCOs and have a history of Army experience," Jones said. "We're also the go-to for counsel."

This week current and former Warrant Officer celebrated their 100th birthday July 9, 2018. To read more from our very own CW5 Jones, please click the link below.

Beginning October 2020, Soldiers will be required to take the new Army Combat Fitness Test.

Do you know the six events?

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On July 20, Soldiers can participate in an Escape Room experience with the 704th Military Intelligence Brigade Unit Ministry Team's "Duty Day with God". Please see your UMT for more details and to sign up! Slots are filling fast!

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Today, Electron Recon Brigade Soldiers completed the Marine Corps obstacle course and a 12-mile foot-march to vie for the title of top NCO and Soldier of the Quarter.

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We'd like to congratulate the 704th Military Intelligence Brigade Soldier and NCO of the Quarter Spc. Jameson R. Lauer, a signals analyst from B Co. 743rd MI Battalion and Sgt. Brian Gu, a cryptologic linguist from B Co. 741st MI Bn.

Stay tuned for more photos from the competiton!

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Army Combat Fitness Test

The Army approved a new physical fitness test for all Active, National Guard and Reserve Soldiers that is highly correlated with combat readiness. The Army will execute the test through U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) and the U.S. Army Center for Initial Military Training (USACIMT).

This new physical fitness test will strengthen unit and collective readiness and provide the nation with physically fit Soldiers of unmatched lethality to deploy, fight and win decisively on any future battlefield.

The test will improve movement lethality, transform the Army's physical fitness culture, reduce preventable injuries and associated attrition, and enhance Soldier mental toughness and stamina.

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The 704th Military Intelligence Brigade Change of Command is on the Army's Homepage. To read more about it, please click the link below.

The commander of Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 704th Military Intelligence Brigade, Capt. Andrew P. Nodtvedt led his bi-weekly “Big Dog Challenge” at Murphy Field House today. The challenges focus on building unit cohesion and morale within the company, putting platoons head-to-head in friendly physical competition to come out victorious to take home the ‘Big Dog’. Sgt. Dareeontay King, a logistician, led 3rd platoon to victory in today’s challenge, and will responsible for the the Big Dog until the next competition.

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Check out our images from yesterday's Change of Command Ceremony and be sure to "Like" our page, share our photos, and tag your Soldier!

(Photos by the 704th Military Intelligence Brigade Public Affairs Office)

Yesterday, Col. Heidi A. Urben assumed command of the 704th Military Intelligence Brigade, from the outgoing commander, Col. Rhett R. Cox, during a change of command ceremony here, at Fort Meade’s parade field.

We'd like to welcome our new Brigade Commander, Col. Urben, to the Electron Recon Brigade team and bid farewell to Col. Cox and his family. We thank you for everything you've done for our organization. ELECTRON RECON...Here and Everywhere!!!

(More photos will be posted from our Flickr page shortly)

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The 704th Military Intelligence Brigade will host a Change of Command Ceremony today at 10:00am at Fort George G. Meade where Col. Rhett R. Cox will relinquish command to Col. Heidi A. Urben.

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Col. Rhett R. Cox, 704th Military Intelligence Brigade commander, leads more than 500 Soldiers from the "Electron Recon" brigade on a three-mile run around Fort Meade, Maryland, June 22. At the end of the run, Cox addressed the Soldiers and told them how much the brigade means to him, presented coins to outstanding individuals for demonstrating excellence and the Noncommissioned Officer Corps inducted the commander as an honorary NCO for all his support for enlisted Soldiers here. Cox will relinquish command of the Electron Recon Brigade to Col. Heidi A. Urben during a ceremony June 26. (Photos by the 704th Military Intelligence Brigade Public Affairs Office)

Rehearsals are underway....

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Buckley AFB, Aurora CO - Change of Command from LTC Manuel F Ramirez to LTC Yesenia Hutcher on 20 June 2018 with the support of the 4th ID Army Band

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Lt. Col. Eric S. Fowler, the commander of 741st Military Intelligence Battalion, was invited to be the key note speaker for the 5th Grade Promotion Celebration at Manor View Elementary School, Fort Meade on 14 June.

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The 741st Military Intelligence Battalion celebrates the Army's 243rd birthday with a cake cutting ceremony on June 14, commemorating the date in 1775 when the Continental Congress authorized enlistment of expert riflemen to serve the United Colonies for one year.

The new forces were comprised of 22,000 militiamen who had already gathered outside of Boston, plus 5,000 more in New York. On June 15, 1775, the Continental Congress named George Washington of Virginia as commander-in-chief and voted to raise 10 more companies of riflemen from Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia.

Washington officially took command at Boston on July 3, 1775. The original Congressional appropriation to fund the new Army was $2 million. It took another year - July 4, 1776 to be exact - for the Continental Army and the militia to become known collectively as the Army of the United States, instead of the Army of the United Colonies.

Today, the Army has about 467,000 active duty soldiers, with another 343,000 in the U.S. Army National Guard and 206,000 in the Army Reserves.

The Army's birthday is marked with celebrations, military balls and traditional cake cutting ceremonies held at military bases and communities across the country and at overseas installations. (Photos by Staff Sgt Shawn M. Cassatt, 704th Military Intelligence Unit Public Affairs)

Lt. Col. Eric S. Fowler, the commander of 741st Military Intelligence Battalion, was invited to be the key note speaker for the 5th Grade Promotion Celebration at Manor View Elementary School, Fort Meade on 14 June. The 741st MI BN as part of the Partner in Education Program has supported the middle school for years from previse commands in ways of providing additional safety, patriotic ceremony’s, as well as education enrichment programs. Lt. Col. Fowler ended his speech with a quite from Doctor Seuss “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go...” (Photos by Staff Sgt Shawn M. Cassatt, 704th Military Intelligence Unit Public Affairs)

The 704th Military Intelligence Brigade participated in the Garrison Joint Service Run on Fort George G. Meade, 15 Jun. Soldiers, Sailors, and Airman participated in this event to enhance physical fitness, unit cohesion, build esprit de corps, and show support to the Fort Meade community. (Photos by Staff Sgt Shawn M. Cassatt, 704th Military Intelligence Unit Public Affairs)

29 May 2018 - 31 May 2018, Bravo Company participated in field training exercises at AP Hill, VA. Headquarters and Operations Company personnel also came out for support in these operations. Soldiers were to execute culmulative skills earned throughout the last year of training. On 31 May 2018, 1st Sgt David H. Lee and Capt. Fred A. Christopherson ended the FTX in a promotion/awards ceremony. Lee stressed the importance of those who give the ultimate sacrifice by simulating a memorial service as the very last event during the FTX.

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Master Sgt. Timothy Snyder, receives the Legion of Merit after 28 honorable years of military service from the 704th Military Intelligence Brigade Commander, Col. Rhett R. Cox, May 24 at McGill Training Center, here. The LOM is a US military decoration established in 1942, ranking below the Silver Star and above the Distinguished Flying Cross, awarded for exceptional performance of services to the US. (Photo by Staff Sgt. Shawn Cassatt, 704th Military Intelligence Brigade Public Affairs Office)

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Please enjoy our Flickr album from this year's Staff Ride.