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Carlisle Barracks Army Base - Carlisle, PA




Saturday, July 14, Chuck Allen a professor here at the War College and a few volunteers issued over a 100 bicycles to about 40 international fellows and their families. The bike loaner program was started years ago by Chuck and his wife who gather donated bikes so that international fellows could have a means of transportation and the freedom and independence to move around. #ArmyWarCollege

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Yesterday the Army War College went live with Harrisburg University of Science and Technology during their game development session. They tested a strategic game set in the Arctic.

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Listen to U.S. Army War College faculty members Paul Kan, Jacqueline E. Whitt, and Andrew A. Hill as they discuss the acronym "VUCA" and its relevancy today.

Congratulations to CSL for not only winning the Carlisle Barracks softball league but also the end of year tournament. CSL beat MWR last night blasting 5 home runs en-route to a 22-8 thrashing of the MWR team also from Carlisle Barracks.

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Claremont Road is now open. We appreciate your patience while we exercised our evacuation plan as part of our emergency response exercise today.

The controlled evacuation portion of the exercise will begin shortly. When notified by the Emergency Operations Center or your building manager, all employees should depart the installation using the Claremont Road gate. NOTE: This evacuation does not apply to MWR activities and facilities, post retail operations and the CDC/CYS which will remain open.

As part of their ongoing orientation and immersion into American culture 76 international fellows were briefed today on our armed services. Each Army War College service representative gave a brief overview of their services chain a command, their mission, force structure and service organization to help the fellows better understand our total force, Bliss Hall, July 12.

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Carlisle Barracks will host an emergency response exercise today, July 12, that will focus on an incident that will require the post to exercise their “shelter in place” plans as well as execute an orderly post evacuation for select on-post buildings. While aimed primarily at employees and first responders, the exercise is important for everyone on Carlisle Barracks.

Please note some important details:
- The exercise will NOT affect the post retail operations and the CDC/CYS programs. Dunham Clinic will close at noon
- A shelter in place order may be issued as part of the exercise
- An evacuation order will be issued for the employees of select post buildings
- Claremont Road Gate will be exit only during the evacuation drill
- Ashburn Drive Gate will be entrance only during the evacuation drill
- Claremont Road will be closed between Post Road and East Louther Street in order to safely conduct the evacuation drill. Carlisle Fire Police will direct off-post traffic
- We will utilize the mass notifications systems, At Hoc and the external speaker system during the exercise
- The exercise is scheduled to be complete by 5 p.m.

For more information and a detour map visit

Carlisle C.A.R.E.S. and the Carlisle Barracks golf course hosted the 8th Annual Golf Outing, July 6. C.A.R.E.S. is an emergency shelter and resource center, provides shelter when no other shelter can be found to the homeless in Cumberland County

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The graduation ceremony of the The United States Army War College Distance Class of 2018 is scheduled for Friday, July 27, at 9 a.m. at the Wheelock Bandstand on Carlisle Barracks’ historic parade ground. This year’s graduating class includes 316 Army officers, 87% of which are part of the Reserve or National Guard, 3 Navy, 5 Air Force, 15 Marines, 24 civilians of U.S. federal agencies, and 9 International Fellows from Latvia, Estonia, Spain, Taiwan, Ukraine, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

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As part of the emergency response exercise tomorrow, there will be road closures and traffic changes. Please note that the exercise will not affect operations at the post retail areas, CDC and YS. Dunham Clinic is closed for training.

Claremont Road will be closed between Post Road and East Louther Street for approximately 2 hours starting at 3 p.m. The closure is necessary in order to conduct a safe evacuation of select buildings on post as part of the exercise. A detour map can be found at the link below. #ArmyReadiness
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Read what 2018 Army War College graduate Col. Amarbayasgalan Shambaljamts from the Mongolian Army thinks are the most difficult challenges in structuring the Mongolian defense and what future Mongolian policies may consist of.

The New Faculty Orientation is happening this week at the #ArmyWarCollege. The newest faculty members attend sessions about leading a seminar, adult learning theories, and the numerous resources and networks available to them across the #USAWC.

The staff discuss everything from roles & responsibilities to experiential learning, pictured below, and the successful strategies used by veteran faculty members. This orientation will ultimately prepare them for their assignments and help integrate them into our community.


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Don't wait until it happens to have a plan to shelter in place -- learn what you can do now to help protect yourself and those around you --

In the series of "leader Perspectives" listen to retired Army Brig. Gen. James Blankenhorn, as he discusses strategic leadership in the context of defense support to civil authorities. Blankenhorn is a former Commander of the Command and Control of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Response Force Alpha.

Members of the Army War College resident Class of 2018 had an opportunity to experience the Army’s newly approved physical fitness test - the Army Combat Fitness test (ACFT), March 14-16, 2018.

The Army approved the new physical fitness test to directly connect fitness with combat readiness for all Soldiers.

The test will improve Soldier physical readiness, change the Army fitness culture, reduce preventable injuries and unplanned attrition, better inform Commanders of unit readiness, and enhance mental toughness and stamina.

The test is designed to replace the current test of record with a gender- and age-neutral assessment based on the physical demands of combat.

Field Tests begin in October 2018 with 60 designated battalions of different types in all three Army components - Regular Army, Army National Guard, and U.S. Army Reserve.

The ACFT will be implemented across the Army in October 2019 and will become the Army's fitness test of record no later than October 2020.

The Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) will remain in effect during the transition period.

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Mark your calendar for July 12 as Carlisle Barracks will once again exercise their plans, test emergency response systems and provide valuable experience for employees, residents and first responders during a full-scale emergency response exercise.

Congratulations Col. Robert Connolly, U.S. Army War College International Fellow from the #UnitedKingdom, on your selection as the #USAWC #Classof2019 Class Vice President. This year's class will host 76 partners and allies from 73 locations around the world. #USArmy #ArmyWarCollege

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Listen to Dr. Sarah Sewall the inaugural Deputy Assistance Secretary of Defense for Peacekeeping and Peace Enforcement Policy as she provides her perspectives on those traits that separate the great strategic leaders from others, and in the process dispels some popular misconceptions about what it means to be a great strategic leader.

Dunham U.S. Army Health Clinic will have some schedule changes this month, check out the image below for more info--

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Two Army War College international fellows of the class of 2019 had the opportunity to throw out the first pitch during a Harrisburg Senators game, July 2nd. #armywarcollege #sensylvania

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In War Room's, "Our Army: Run by Engineers, Preoccupied with Process?" Garri Hendell examines the ways engineers and engineering have influenced Army culture. From systematizing human relationships to valuing technical expertise, the Army's process-oriented culture has been both good and bad for the institution. Do we need to change this culture or learn better how to cope with it?


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Are you ready? Learn more about the latest exercise designed to keep our community safe and prepared.