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The new Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) is coming! Prepare now.

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One of the lines of effort during the 2018 Puna Lava Flow of the Hawaii National Guard is escorting the media to the affected areas. Photographer Steve Cullen shared his experience.

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Aloha 1-171st Aviation Regiment! Have a safe deployment!!

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The U.S. Army recognizes Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (SAAPM) during the month of April. The Army’s 2018 SAAPM theme is: "SHARP: Shaping a Culture of Trust.” The Army continues to make progress in preventing sexual violence, encouraging reporting, increasing awareness, and developing primary prevention initiatives.

Show your support by using a SAAPM Facebook Frame!
How to add the Frame to a personal Facebook Profile from a mobile device:
1. Go to your personal Facebook Profile
2. Click “Edit” on the bottom right of your Profile Image
3. Click “Add Frame”
4. Search for U.S. Army SHARP
5. Choose between “SAAPM” and “SAAPM 2” by U.S. Army SHARP
6. Make any necessary adjustments (e.g., edit, apply effect, say something about your Profile Picture, make temporary)
7. Click “Use”

For more information contact the HIARNG SAPR Office (808) 844-6430.

You don't need to max the run, but the suggestions in this article in Citizen Soldier (formerly GX magazine) can definitely help you score higher. PT Test is coming up!

The Hawaii Army National Guard is holding an Aviation Symposium on Saturday, April 7th at the new Army Aviation Support Facility at Kalaeloa. It is similar to an "open house" where civilians and military personnel can inquire about HIARNG aviation opportunities. For questions about the event, call CW2 Sun Min Chun at 808-429-6608. Please share this info with anyone who has an interest in becoming a pilot in the Hawaii Army National Guard.

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Great story about a 29th Brigade Soldier who lost his dog tags.

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Here are your winners of the 2018 Best Warrior Competition:
Pfc. William I. Brady- 1-299th CAV
Staff Sgt. Krysta M. Waters- 111th Army Band
Congratulations to both winners!

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Congratulations to the AWESOME Hawaii RSP Team! National Guard Bureau's Recruit Sustainment Program of the year🤙🏼

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COL Steve Logan elucidates to the confluence at the ESGR semi-annual meeting.

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Late Monday evening, 22 JANUARY 2018, President Trump signed a bill approving a continuing resolution through 8 FEBRUARY 2018 ending a 3-day government shutdown. All furloughed employees report to work tomorrow, Tuesday, 23 JANUARY 2018.

As of 7 p.m., Jan. 19, Hawaii Standard Time, continued Congressional funding for the day-to-day base operations of the U.S. Army and its installations in Hawaii and across the nation have expired. Until new legislation appropriating funds is passed and signed into law by the President, the Army will begin an orderly shutdown of those activities not considered essential to national security, life, health and safety, and the protection of property.

During this period, all active duty military personnel will continue to serve and report for duty while accruing pay, but will not be paid unless appropriations are enacted.

For Department of the Army (DA) civilian employees, those deemed essential to supporting activities directly relating to national security; life, health and safety; and the protection of property will be allowed to work and accrue pay, but will not be paid unless appropriations are enacted. DA civilians deemed non-essential for activities will be furloughed without pay. For DA civilians with specific questions regarding work prohibitions while on furlough, please contact your immediate supervisor for details.

For service members and families, the shutdown will affect some on-post services, but your health, safety, and security will not be compromised.

What you can expect
* Acute and emergency medical care will remain available. However, military medical treatment facilities will likely scale back operations. Inpatient medical care will continue, but other routine medical and dental procedures and elective surgery/procedures may be stopped.
* Military members will continue to receive TRICARE, but civilian provider bills will likely go unpaid until appropriations are enacted.
* Law enforcement and fire protection services will continue.
* Commissaries will remain open until Wednesday at 8 p.m..
* Exchanges will remain open.
* Counseling and other support services for victims of sexual assault will remain open.
* Religious, suicide, and substance abuse counseling and services will remain open.
* CYS will remain open.
* Child Care centers will remain open.
* Education Center will remain open.
* All FMWR recreation facilities, such as bowling, golf, etc. will remain open.
* Tropic Lightning Museum at Schofield Barracks and the U.S. Army Museum at Fort DeRussy will be closed.
* ACS will be closed next week (as previously scheduled) to move into its new building.
* Fort Shafter Auto Skills - closed effective Saturday.
* Fort Shafter Library - closed effective Monday.

We appreciate your understanding and patience during this period. Updated information will be provided when available.

Information about the possible furlough from the TAG. Bottom line: show up to work on Monday, if the furlough is in effect, new info will be put out.

Please share with your Soldiers: Today the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency held a press conference about the upcoming test of the State Attack Warning Tone. The first testing of the new tone will occur this Friday, December 1st, statewide. The PSA here, explains the test and what the new siren sounds like. There is no drill or shelter in place rehearsal planned, just the siren test. The new siren will now be heard with all future regular monthly siren tests.

The 29th Infantry Brigade Combat Team held a Change of Command Ceremony on November 5, 2017 at the new AASF#3 hangar at Kalaeloa. COL Moses Kaoiwi bid "Aloha" to the 29th IBCT and the new "Lava 6", COL Roy Macaraeg emphasized readiness to those in attendance.

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Don't forget, new APFT uniform needed for PT test. Fort Shaffer has shirts, but shorts are not due arrive until Friday, 13 Oct. Schofield's clothing sales has the new shirts and shorts. They are closed on Sunday.

The National Guard's 2015 Best Warrior winner, and "Hawaii's Own" SGT Cruser Barnes, in action during an Air Assault training mission. We are very proud of you and we are enjoying watching your military career from the islands. #BW2016, #hiarng

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A true Warrior.