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NAS Fallon Navy Base - Fallon, NV





Rideshare pickup and drop-off is now authorized on NAS Fallon. Information on how pickups and drop offs work, and the application for base access is included below.

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In his address to the US Naval Academy today, the Commander in Chief mentioned NAS Fallon's namesake: the airfield is named for LCDR Bruce Avery Van Voorhis.

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During a tour of NAS Fallon's main gate on 30 April, Vice Admiral Mary Jackson, Commander, Navy Installations Command (center), takes notes while being briefed by NAS Fallon Security Officer Ensign Paul Prince (far right) as Rear Admiral Yancy Lindsey, Commander, Navy Region Southwest (left) and CNIC Force Master Chief Steven Timmons (second from left) look on. Admiral Jackson also received a comprehesive post brief from MA2 Daniel Rodriguez (second from right). As the admiral in charge of all Navy installations, VADM Jackson was visiting the air station and took the opportunity to review base securtiy measures and facilities. By balancing resources and requirements, CNIC provides continuous support to fleet, fighter and family, directly enhancing the Navy's warfighting mission.

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Coming to the internet this Wednesday, 10am local time!

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NAS Fallon Executive Officer, CDR James Shell, along with Command Master Chief Robert Boyd, address Churchill County High School students and base personnel during an observance of National Vietnam War Veterans' Day on 29 March. The event was held in Air Power Park aboard the air Station, in front of the UH-1B "Huey" helicopter.

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NAS Fallon is open this morning with no delays.

With forecast snow, there may be a delayed start for NASF operations. Notifications will be released here via the official Facebook page. Contact your chain of command/supervisors for more details.

Photos from Flight Operations around NAS Fallon.

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Due to the enactment of a continuing resolution, federal government operations are open. Civilian employees are expected to return to work on their next regularly scheduled work day.


Navy Exchanges in the continental U.S. will remain open during the government shutdown. Please call ahead to any Navy installation facilities you may want to use to determine if it is open and if there are any changes to hours of operation.

Childcare facilities for military personnel will be open.

Please double-check information with appropriate authorities regarding pay and housing impacts posted on non-government social media sites as not all of this information may be accurate.

Civilian employees who are designated "non-exempt" should report to work on their next shift or workday to receive their furlough letter. If you are unsure of your status, please contact your supervisor.

When the government shutdown ends, civilian personnel should return to work on their next shift or work day. If you have questions about returning to work, please contact your supervisor.

Please watch your local or national news channel, or visit our Facebook page for updates.


During some emergencies, it may become necessary to "Lockdown" a building or buildings on an installation to protect lives and minimize the overall exposure to danger.

A Lockdown, similar to Shelter in Place (SIP), is a temporary sheltering technique utilized to limit exposure to a threat, usually an Anti-Terrorism Force Protection (ATFP) incident, i.e. an Active Shooter incident. It is the immediate movement or removal of all personnel from the outside to inside structures. When alerted, occupants of any building within the subject area will lock all doors and windows, barring entry or exit to anyone until the “all clear” has been sounded. This procedure converts any building into a large "Safe Room." A Lockdown can last from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the situation.

For information on how to Prepare go to:

Is your rate on the list?

Big changes in the fleet. For more information, talk to your Leadership.

Winter is Coming! Are you prepared?

With winter setting in and traveling in cold areas but aware, prepared, be informed.

Warnings Signs of Hypothermia


* Body temperature below 95 degrees
* Uncontrollable shivering
* Exhaustion
* Confusion, fumbling hands
* Memory loss, disorientation
* Incoherence, slurred speech
* Drowsiness


* Bright red, cold skin
* Very low energy

For more information visit

Flight Operations from around Naval Air Station Fallon in Dec. 2017.

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Photos from flight operations around Naval Air Station Fallon

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Congrats to all who made it!

A message from our JAG:

As we take time to celebrate Thanksgiving, something to be thankful for is your right to vote. In 2018, every state in the U.S. will have voting on congressional seats. Most states will hold voting on other issues. Regardless of the state you're from, your voice will matter.

Two documents can help with this process: (1) the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA); and (2) the Federal Write In Absentee Ballot (FWAB). Call my office at (775) 426-2854 if you need help accessing these forms.

The FPCA is used to register to vote, request absentee ballots, and update your contact information. If you have not registered to vote in your state or requested absentee ballots, I strongly encourage you to fill out this form. The FWAB is a form to keep on hand in case you do not receive your absentee ballot from your state in time. However, since the earliest 2018 State Primary Election occurs in March 2018, you shouldn't need to use it.

Attached is the 2018 State Primary Election calendar, which provides the dates for all state primaries and the general election.

If you have any questions about how to fill out the attached forms, when to do so, or why you should, please feel free call, email, or visit the legal office (Building 350).

Happy Thanksgiving.


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The job search for the NMCRS Director at NAS Fallon is now open until filled. Good luck to all applicants!

Good luck to all!

Good news from NAC!

The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) is looking for a new director for NAS Fallon. See link below for additional information!

Flight operations from NAS Fallon.

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