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Parks PRFTA Army Base - Dublin, CA




See some tips to reduce your paper use.

The U.S. Army Reserve is committed to reducing waste and our consumption of paper.

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There's a new Army Combat Fitness test coming. Did you hear? Do you know the six events?

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If you have driven much on Parks Reserve Forces Training Area or another military installation, you've likely seen this sign posted.

It can wait. Don't talk or text while driving. Stay safe.

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Don’t miss the Daddy Daughter dance July 21.

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#Didyouknow U.S. Army Reserve Family Programs Staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Call: (844) 663-3269

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An earthquake is the sudden, rapid shaking of the earth, caused by the breaking and shifting of underground rock. Earthquakes can cause buildings to collapse and cause heavy items to fall, resulting in injuries and property damage.

If an earthquake happens, protect yourself right away.
Drop, Cover, then Hold On!

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Stay safe; stay #ReadyArmy.

For more information, contact the Emergency Manager, Parks Reserve Forces Training Area, at 925-875-4204.

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DRUG USE REMINDER: U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) employees who live or work in states that have legalized marijuana are reminded that marijuana use is illegal by federal law.

DoD installations are drug-free workplaces and DoD Federal
civilian employees and military service members shall not use illegal drugs,whether on duty or off duty.

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Soldiers/Army Civilians have a responsibility to address acts of sexual harassment.

Learn how to address sexual harassment at .


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Do you enjoy boating?
Be sure to do so, safely!

June 29, 2018, SWAT teams from law enforcement agencies throughout the region participated in a fitness challenge, hosted by Alameda County Sheriff's Office at their training center, adjacent to Parks Reserve Forces Training Area.

26 teams completed a 3-mile run on the hills of Parks RFTA training areas as part of the confidence builder event and three additional challenges, including a Warrior WOD, breacher's rescue and jail move and shoot.

Parks Reserve Forces Training Area frequently partners with joint, interagency and multinational organizations to provide #training, improving #readiness for successful completion of diverse missions.

(U.S. Army Reserve photos by Jordan Burkes, intern, Public Affairs)

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Leave the paper trail.

The U.S. Army Reserve is committed to reducing waste and our consumption of paper.

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Parks Reserve Forces Training Area is located near Dublin, CA, at the county lines of Alameda and Contra Costa counties. Wildlife is abundant in the training areas. Photo taken June 29, 2018.

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Loyalty, Honor, Duty and Country.
These are the names of the towed Howitzer artillery which comprise the salute battery of the 84th Training Command, Pacific Division.

On this Independence Day take a few minutes to enjoy a 50-volley Salute to the Nation the battery conducted Monday at Presidio of Monterey.

As you pay tribute to our nation on her 242nd birthday remember that our Troops have selflessly defended our liberties, traditions and ideals. They have fought to keep America free and independent nation established by our Founding Fathers.

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It's #WildlifeWednesday and #July4!
Since 1782, the majestic bald eagle has been our great nation's national emblem and mascot. Reaching a massive wingspan of up to 7 feet, this bird of prey gets its name from its high contrast white head against its dark brown body, making it appear bald from a distance.

Found only in North America, these beautiful creatures typically live in forests near water where they can find plenty of food. Sometimes referred to as "fish eagles", bald eagles prey heavily on fish, but will also eat smaller birds, eggs, small mammals, and even reptiles, amphibians, and crabs.

These birds are thought to be monogamous, meaning that they may mate for life, which can be as long as 28 years in the wild, and up to 36 in captivity. Their young are raised in huge nests made from sticks, grass, feathers, and moss. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest bald eagle nest on record was 9.5 feet in diameter and 20 feet deep, and weighed over 4000 pounds!

Although a rare sight at Camp Parks, bald eagles have been spotted flying over the installation. As of 2017, there were 19 reported bald eagle nests in eight counties within the greater Bay area, including one adjacent to the Milpitas school playground to our south!

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Lt. Gen. Charles D. Luckey, U.S. Army Reserve Commanding General and Chief, Army Reserve, addresses concerns about the requirements for #ReadyForceX units during a training event at Operation Cold Steel II at Fort McCoy, Wis., April 22, 2018.

During his time at Fort McCoy, Luckey explained that RFX is a verb used to describe the approach the U.S. Army Reserve is taking to prepare for a “worst case war scenario.”

RFX emphasizes unit readiness as well as individual readiness. The biggest responsibility of Soldiers assigned to an RFX unit is to be ready physically, mentally, and administratively.
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On Friday, June 29, SWAT teams from throughout the region participated in a fitness challenge, hosted by Alameda County Sheriff's Office at their training center, adjacent to Parks Reserve Forces Training Area.

As part of the four disciplines challenged, teams completed a 3-mike run on the hills of Parks RFTA training areas.

Teams from Antioch Police Department, Torrance Police Department and Alameda County Sheriff SRU placed first through third in the field of 26 competing teams.

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This afternoon Soldiers with the 84th Training Command, Pacific Division fired 50 volleys at Presidio of Monterey to celebrate the Nation’s birthday.
Each state was recognized in order of its admission to the United States.
Check back for more, Wednesday.

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It’s July! Please note the schedule of on-post services this week.
The ID Card Center is closed July 4-7.

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Tuesday, Command Sergeant Major Jerry Silva, 336th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 653rd RSG, 311th ESC, spoke with sales staff members at Oakland Athletics.

CSM Silva is a Military Technician whose civilian work is with the 84th Training Command, Pacific Division, U.S. Army Reserve at Parks RFTA.

In partnership with USO Bay Area, the senior noncommissioned officer was invited to share military experiences with the sales team ahead of the July 3 military appreciation night.

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Our friends at USO Bay Area would like you and your family to join them for fireworks and Military Appreciation night with the Oakland Athletics on July 3rd.

Buy a special event ticket at and receive a special edition patriotic A’s hat while giving back to the troops through USO.


Please note the temperature and heat and fire risks. Ensure that you and those with you remain hydrated and have water with them when deploying to the Range. Just ASK the question.

From US National Weather Service San Francisco Bay Area/Monterey California:
High pressure will build rapidly marking a notable warming and drying trend today, especially across the interior. Temperatures will soar into the 90s to near 100 for interior communities on Friday with additional warming on Saturday.

See the hazardous weather outlook at

Temperatures are not expected to be as hot along the immediate coast where no or low heat risks are anticipated. In addition to hot daytime temperatures overnight lows will be mild and in the 60s/70s across the hills.

A cooling trend is expected to begin on Sunday and continue into the first half of the next work week..

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At the southeast corner of Parks Reserve Forces Training Area, construction of water retention ponds is continuing.
Private contractors are completing the task as part of a Real Property Exchange (RPX).

Through the exchange, the Army installation receives infrastructure valued at nearly $100 million, including a number of newly constructed building facilities ranging from general classroom and warehouse spaces to medical training facilities.


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Can you say HOOAH?

The U.S. Army NCO Creed is the essence of the Noncommissioned Officer Corps.

Congratulations to the Soldiers who came from Alaska, Japan, and several continental United States, representing active Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard units to graduate June 28 from Human Resources Advanced Leaders Course and Human Resources Senior Leaders Course at Parks RFTA.

The weeks of instruction were provided by Soldiers of the 4th Brigade (PS), 94th Division (FS), 80th Training Command (TASS).

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