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Patrick Air Force Base - Brevard, FL





We’d like to thank our Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce for hosting yet another amazing Military Affairs Council meeting at Tank America this evening! We are truly grateful to have the unwavering support of our community!

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Meet Beta, one of our military workings dogs at the 45th Space Wing!

Beta assists her handler and the 45th Security Forces Squadron as a whole with protection of the base and our Airmen.

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Tomorrow, July 18 is International Nelson Mandela Day. A day where it is encouraged, to be like Mandela was in his lifetime. To be selfless, to be inspiring, to help others.

Tomorrow, and every day, taking the time to help someone no matter how small of guesture, honors Mandela in the best way possible. It could mean the world to someone, and it reinforces the Air Force core values.

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"Whether or not you stay on active-duty for 20 years or you do the same amount in the reserve, you’re still serving your country honorably – it’s all about how flexible you want your job to be,” said Master Sgt. Travis E. Williams, an in-service recruiter at Patrick Air Force Base.

Palace Chase and Palace Front are options for Airmen to continue their service in different ways after their active duty enlistment.

Before July 16, 1969, launching a manned rocket to land on the moon was almost unthinkable.

From now on when people look at the moon, it is a testament to what we can achieve.

Below is a video of Neil Armstrong's iconic "one small step..." quote, which almost 49 years later, is still a moment that is a highlight in human history.

You guys know your space history!

The photo was in fact astronaut Buzz Aldrin moving towards a position to deploy two components of the Early Apollo Scientific Experiments Package, on the surface of the Moon July 20 – just four days after the Apollo 11 launch from the Space Coast.

Here, Aldrin poses for a photo beside the American Flag during Apollo 11's Extravehicular Activity on the lunar surface. Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong took the photo of Aldrin, while the third and final member of the crew, astronaut Michael Collins remained in lunar-orbit.

What a GIANT step for mankind, indeed!

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July 16, 1969 – a day that changed the course of space exploration, and history, forever.

Can you guess who this famous astronaut is, what he's doing and where he is?

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Service members all over the world have volunteered to serve our country, and every one has their unique and inspiring reason for serving.

Why did you decide to join?

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Rounding out this #WeatherWeekend,

You may know what to do before and during a hurricane, but after a hurricane can be just as unsafe. Keeping safe and alert in the days after a hurricane can make recovering easier.

For this #WeatherWeekend, Hurricane Chris has weakened to a Catagory 1 storm.

The storm is scheduled to move Northeast and stay off the coast of the United States but according to the National Hurricane Center, the swells it produces could still cause life-threatening surf and rip current conditions.

Stay safe sharks!

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Good Morning, Sharks!

Strength across the five domains of Comprehensive Airman Fitness – mental, physical, social, financial and spiritual –requires a certain amount of resilience.

Resiliency is more than just a word used to promote success and a positive well-being among Airmen, it is a balance to be made in both work and personal lives alike.

Check out this video about resilience below!

Yesterday, leadership from the 45th Space Wing watched as the Delta II towers were demolished from Space Launch Complex-17 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

The towers were demolished to make room for the new inhabitant of the pad, Moon Express.

As we close Delta II's chapter of history, we open a new one - on a pad that aided in various missions to space and the breaking of space and science barriers.

For more information:

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Check out Digo – one of our military working dogs who assists each day in the safe-keeping of our Airmen!

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Brig. Gen. Wayne Monteith gave the all clear to begin the demolition of the historic Delta II towers at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station this morning.

Shark 1 quote of the day, per Ron, "Not bad for a one star!"

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We can't say enough how being prepared for your own disaster kit is essential to having a smooth recovery after a hurricane or flood.

On this #WeatherWednesday, visit the link below for information on what to include in your kit!

Recent media reports have created a discussion and caused concern about water at PAFB and CCAFS. Shark 1 addresses this concern.

Click to read the full response.

Not only were our Airmen able to participate in a flag unfurling, pay respect to Medal of Honor recipients and watch the NASCAR race – but they were also able to enjoy a performance by the Air Force's premier rock band, Max Impact!

Check out some of the ways Max Impact boosted the morale and American spirit of our Airmen and other race fans at Daytona International Speedway this past weekend!

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Good Morning, Sharks!

Check out some of the great things our Airmen in the 45th Comptroller Squadron are accomplishing!

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Check out more about the flag unfurling at the Daytona Coke Zero 400 by Airmen from the 45th Space Wing and fellow service members!

Our beaches attract visitors every year, and the plastic, aluminum, glass, and other items left behind can harm the environment, especially the 4,500 turtle nests. The debris creates unnecessary hazards on their way into the ocean.

Since 2008, over 151 tons of debris have been collected in local beach clean-up efforts. Beach safety and cleanliness is an everyday priority for us.

How do you take part in preserving our beaches?

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On this day seven years ago, at this exact time, the last space shuttle mission was launched from the Space Coast!

Four astronauts were aboard the Atlantis STS-135 as it traveled to the International Space Station – the only time a crew less than seven people ever made the trek.

Though the Human Spaceflight program has been resting since the crew's return on July 21, 2011 – stay tuned to see what our great mission partners have planned in regards to sending Americans into space once more!

Where were you when the Atlantis launched?

Among our Airmen — there are Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Coastguardsman preparing to take to the infield for a flag unfurl at 7 p.m. on NBC during Daytona’s Coke Zero Sugar 400.

Will you be watching?

60 years ago today, Launch Complex 15 was accepted by the Air Force.

It was originally built for conducting test flights of the Titan I, and later, the Titan II. The last launch occured in 1964, and then the complex was then demolished in 2011.

Launch complexes may be deactivated or demolished but the pivotal role they played in our space advancement cannot be denied.

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Keep an eye out for our Airmen at the Coke Zero Sugar 400 NASCAR race tomorrow! The Airmen will be unfurling a flag on the field during the National Anthem prior to race start at 7 p.m., and it will be televised on NBC.

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July 1 through July 7 is nationally recognized as Clean Beaches Week. The week is used to celebrate the beaches and to ensure they stay clean, safe and beautiful for future generations and the wildlife they harbor.

This week enjoy your local Space Coast beaches, keep an eye out for any debris and educate other on the importance of keeping our beaches clean.

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