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Peterson Air Force Base - Colorado Springs, CO



Congrats to all of the technical sergeant selectees today!

36-2903 has some major changes this year to be aware of, such as authorized locs for females, and off-duty earring wear for males. Check out all the new changes!

Cycling, running, tennis, bowling, volleyball, and basketball are just a few of the many events Peterson members participated in on Sports and Field Day last week.

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21st Force Support Squadron personnel recently took rescue climbing training through Outdoor Recreation. The course helps prepare the search and recovery team for mountainous missions!

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“Through these adventures, we are able to hone and strengthen our member’s mental, physical, social and spiritual fitness domains, the pillars of Comprehensive Airmen Fitness” - Lt. Col. Stephen Hobbs, 10 SWS Commander.

We have a strong relationship with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to help keep our flight line safe. Meet Doug Ekberg, a Plant Health Inspection Service wildlife biologist, who helps improve the Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard program for us and the Colorado Springs Airport!

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Did you hear the tornado warning siren over the Peterson AFB Warning System at noon today? Do you know the difference between a steady tone and a wavering tone? We've prepared something special for you, to explain the difference. #KeepCalmAndKnightOn

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Peterson Air Force Base personnel and local population will hear an extended test of the Giant Voice system at noon July 13.

The Giant Voice will play the weather emergency tone, or a solid siren, for one minute. The tone is to test of the Giant Voice system, specifically the tornado warning notification, and ensure it is fully operational.

Giant Voice tests normally occur weekly on Fridays, using a shorter test.

The command post will alert all Peterson personnel through the ATHOC messaging system before the test occurs.

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"I intend to focus on the development of all of our Airmen and at the end of the day ensure that everyone has more of what they need to accomplish the part of the mission. I won’t be naïve to say we can accomplish everything, but we should move the ball forward. I’m not about going backwards and I’m not about standing still," Chief Master Sgt. Jacob Simmons.

Is there a promotion for you next week? Fingers crossed!

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Is the moon too big for our radars to track?

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NAF JOB FAIR! Monday July 16! AAFES/Commissary complex!

Stop by between 8 a.m.-noon Monday, July 16, and let us answer any of your questions about current or future openings. To see what’s available, visit any time.

The view of the resupply docking at the International Space Station looks way better on video than radar!

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It's a 2-fer! If you take classes at the Space schoolhouse on Peterson you can earn college credits at Colorado Technical University.

“There’s no reason why who I’m married to or who I choose to love should cause me to be treated any different than the person who is sitting next to me."

Creepy people are online, too. Know how to protect yourself and stay safe!

We have a telescope on a volcano in Maui that can see over 3000 miles into space. Yes, Maui.


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Welcome back, Col.Kuvibidila!

Col. Kuvibidila is the new commander of Thule Air Base, Greenland and was previously the commander of the 20th Space Control Squadron from 2014-16.

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Our Team Pete mission partners are working hard to help the fire fighters in Colorado. Thanks for all you do 302nd Airlift Wing (Air Force Reserve)!

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Happy birthday America!

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Let us remember those celebrating our nation's freedom while serving over-seas. Be safe during the holiday and have a plan if drinking. Remember, fireworks are illegal on-base and in El Paso County.

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Good luck to our partners at the 302nd Airlift Wing (Air Force Reserve)!

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The team at the 20th Space Control Squadron is looking good!

#FunFact the radar at Eglin AFB only does Space Situational Awareness. They help keep our satellites safe and keep an eye on debris.

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Two of her cousins sat her down and explained to her that if she joined the gang there would be only two ways out of the gang: death or prison.

We're glad she lived to tell the tale and proudly serve here at Peterson.