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Richard V. Spencer was sworn in this morning as the 76th Secretary of the Navy. For up to date information on Secretary Spencer please follow us at Secretary of the Navy Richard V. Spencer.

This page will remain public for historic purposes but no additional posts will be made.

As of 1200 ET January 20 this page will no longer be active. If you wish to continue to follow the 75th Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, you can do so on Twitter: @SECNAV75 or on Facebook: /SECNAV75.

#SECNAV's final message to the fleet:

Sailors, Marines, and Civilians of the Department of the Navy,

It has been the greatest honor of my life serving as the Secretary of the Navy, leading our Navy and Marine Corps team. I am proud that, because of our work together, our Navy and Marine Corps are the most formidable expeditionary fighting force the world has ever known. Our people, Sailors, Marines, and Civilians - the best America has - are more diverse and have more opportunity and flexibility in the way they and their families serve our nation. Our fleet is assured of topping 300 ships within two years, and we've made the necessary investments in aircraft, weapons, and technology. Our warfighting capabilities have been dramatically improved with our aggressive change in how we use energy and the types of energy we use. Our partnerships with the American people, with industry and with our friends and allies around the world are much stronger. Because of these efforts, our Navy and Marine Corps are even more capable of providing presence, around the globe around the clock, performing all the tasks the nation expects and are prepared to meet anything that comes over the horizon. As the longest serving Secretary since World War I in this storied and historic post, I know the Navy and Marine Corps are significantly different from when I took office, and they are also substantially stronger. The Navy and Marine Corps are positioned to have as bright a future as their glorious past.

Semper Fortis, Always Courageous
Semper Fidelis, Always Faithful

Ray Mabus

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Today, #SECNAV presented 8 Navy Crosses and 8 Silver Stars to active-duty and former members of East and West Coast Naval Special Warfare Commands at a ceremony in Virginia Beach, Va. One Navy Cross and one Silver Star were presented posthumously.

"Today we honor some of our nation's finest heroes, not just for their individual acts of courage and bravery in the face of danger, but for the everyday selflessness that they and their peers demonstrate," said SECNAV. "This generation of #Sailors, and particularly those serving as part of our Naval Special Warfare team, is an extraordinary group of men and women who have given so much to our country. Although today we recognize these individuals for their heroism and valor in combat, we are also honoring the Sailors and #Marines who fought beside them and those who are still in the fight."

These awards were upgrades to previously awarded medals for valor in combat and upgraded as a result of the Department of the Navy's Post 9/11 Valor Awards Review Panel. This panel reviewed award nominations from combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan to ensure members were appropriately recognized for acts of valor.

The Department of the Navy reviewed more than 300 valor awards and the review was completed on November 15, 2016.

The Navy Cross, the U.S. Navy's second highest decoration, is awarded for extraordinary heroism while engaged in an action against an enemy of the United States. The act must be performed in the presence of great danger or at great personal risk.

The Silver Star is awarded for gallantry in action against an enemy of the United States, while engaged in military operations with a friendly force. It is the fourth highest military honor that can be awarded to a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, and the third highest award for valor.

#SECNAV announced today that the city of Charleston, S.C., will serve as the commissioning site for the future USS Ralph Johnson (DDG 114). The ship is named for U.S. Marine Corps Private First Class Ralph Henry Johnson, a native of Charleston, who posthumously received the Medal of Honor for his heroic actions during the Vietnam War. Johnson used his body to shield two fellow #Marines from a grenade, absorbing the blast and dying instantly in March 1968.

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LIVE: Watch #SECNAV deliver the keynote address at Surface Navy Symposium 2017

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#SECNAV will deliver the keynote address at today's session of the Surface Navy Association's 29th Annual National Symposium at 1015 ET. Watch his speech live here on Facebook or at: #SNA2017