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Sheppard Air Force Base - Wichita Falls, TX




The dining facilities at Sheppard Air Force Base serve more than 10,000 meals daily for breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight chow to hungry Airmen, Marines, Sailors, Soldiers and international students. The groundwork for creating those nourishing meals starts with roughly 10 Work Services Corporation employees at the #CentralPreparationKitchen who slice, dice, peel, mix and stir ingredients that make up those dishes including vegetables, meats, sauces and more.

The behind-the-scenes heroes are part of the John L. Hennessy Award, which recognizes the best food services organizations in the Armed Forces. Sheppard's operation has won the top honors three of the past five years.

The United States Air Force has made updates to AFI 36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance, including changes to instructions for wear of tattoos, hair length, earrings for men, physical training gear and more.

Everyone has heard the phrase, "There's an app for that." Well, the Air Force has rolled out a new app on iTunes (Android next week) that has lots of useful information for Airmen from news to The Little Brown Book and emergency contacts. See CMSAF Kaleth O. Wright's post below for more information.

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Air Education and Training Command Commander Lt. Gen. Steve Kwast shares his thoughts on the importance of communicating during his latest "Commander's Intent" video.

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Some call it baggage. Some call it an inability to acclimate. Whatever some might call it, invisible wounds are real and Airmen you know are trying to work through the pain, the hurt, the emotional scars of, for example, #posttraumaticstressdisorder, #traumaticbraininjury and other cognitive, emotional, or behavioral disorders associated with trauma.

A Culture Assessment team will be at Sheppard to gather information as part of the #InvisibleWoundsInitiative with the goal of improving the quality and continuity of care for Airmen and their families suffering from invisible wounds. The group will be at Sheppard Air Force Base Aug. 14-17 and is looking for participants from the Total Force – Airmen, civil service, dependents, coworkers, leadership and more – to work toward their effort.

Air Force Wounded Warrior #mentalhealth #invisiblewounds

Sheppard Air Force Base has trained well over 1 million Airmen in career fields ranging from aircraft maintenance to medical specialties, communications, civil engineering, fixed-wing and helicopter pilot training and even basic military training back in its early days in the 1940s. The 82nd Training Wing Registrar Office is tasked with making sure most student training records are correct, complete and on file, with some exceptions.

Former students or potential employers can now go online to request copies of training certificates or verify training through the Registrar's Office. Simply go to Sheppard's homepage at, hover your cursor over the "Contact" area of the navigation bar and select "Sheppard AFB Registrar." You can also get to the page by clicking on the "Student Records" hot button on the right side of the homepage under "Sheppard Links."

#TrainingRecords Air Education and Training Command #SheppardAFB #SAFB #82ndTrainingWing #82ndTRW

A lot of thought is put into making sure #Airmen have the right equipment needed to perform their job at the right time, from tools to maintain aircraft, establish communication lines, install HVAC systems and more. But perhaps the most important piece of equipment is right under their feet – #Boots.

Airmen going into career fields that have an increased threat of foot injury are issued steel-toed boots during USAF Basic Military Training at Lackland AFB, Texas, but they might not be the best fit. A group of men in the 82nd Training Group at Sheppard Air Force Base work to make sure Airmen with poor-fitting boots are properly outfitted before graduation.

The #PublicAffairs office at Travis Air Force Base highlighted the 60 Maintenance Squadron's mission in a video they published in May 2018. The narrator made an interesting comment during the video: "The mission can't happen until we (#AircraftMaintainers) show up." Taking that a step further, those maintainers can't show up until the #82ndTrainingWing at Sheppard Air Force Base produces them from #fuels to #MetalsTechnology, #AerospaceGroundEquipment, #avionics and more.


Check out this video to see how technical training effort plays a role in the operational Air Force at a busy Air Mobility Command base.

United States Air Force, Aircraft Maintenance Technicians, 361st Training Squadron, Sheppard AFB, 362d Training Squadron, 363rd Training Squadron, 364 TRS/Golden Knights, 365 Training Squadron Sheppard AFB

Want some more #SheppardInPhotos? This week we have more #Aircraft with United States Air Force pilots controlling them, the maintainers who keep them in the air and the #SecurityForces #Airmen who guard over them all. Such is the diverse training nature of Sheppard Air Force Base.

"Cargo City" is a new operating location for U.S. and coalition forces to conduct aerial port operations in Kuwait. Civil engineering crews have played a large role in bringing this logistics site to fruition, which also includes cable and antenna systems #Airmen who were trained right here at Sheppard Air Force Base.

This is another great example of showing Sheppard's mantra continues to hold true: "Combat Capability Starts Here"!

Ever pump the brakes on your car and they just kind of work? What's not being seen is the brake fluid, also called hydraulic fluid, that works in the background to make the brakes work to stop or slow down a car.

#Hydraulics are also important for #aircraft to operate as smooth or aggressive as needed for the mission. The #Airmen who maintain #AircraftHydraulicSystems on United States Air Force aircraft get their training right here at Sheppard Air Force Base in the 364 TRS/Golden Knights.

Tech. Sgt. William Krieger, a member of the 193rd Special Operations Wing and native of Shamokin, Pennsylvania, recently earned an ACE award for making 100s on each of his block tests during the 49-day course. Congratulations Tech. Sgt. Krieger on his achievement!

About 100 Airmen from Sheppard Air Force Base led the procession of antique fire trucks, muscle cars, go-carts, floats and more during the 34th Annual Kell House Museum Fourth of July and Most Patriotic Parade in downtown Wichita Falls, Texas, July 4, 2018.

Wichita County Heritage Society #FourthofJuly #IndependenceDay

Col. Andrea Themely, 80th Flying Training Wing commander, took to the skies in her T-38C Talon July 2 when she and several of her wingmen participated in her fini-flight, a ceremonial final sortie. After 23 years of service, Themely will retire and focus on the next chapter of her life.

Themely, the 80th FTW and the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training (ENJJPT) enjoyed successes under her tenure including addressing the pilot shortage the United States Air Force (USAF) has worked to overcome, encroachment hazards the could have affected training operations, and replacing the reliable but antiquated T-38 with a modern jet trainer.

“I’ve been blessed and lucky every place I’ve been stationed," she said.

Congratulations Colonel Themely!

People often see planes flying in the sky and think of the pilots guiding them through the air. But it takes an army of maintainers in a variety of specialties on the ground to keep those aircraft flying.

Sheppard Air Force Base plays a huge role in training those Airmen, one of which is Burrillville, Rhode Island native Airman 1st Class Taylor Cook, who aced the 364 TRS/Golden Knights' aircraft electrical and environmental systems apprentice course with perfect 100s in each of his 11 block tests.

Airman Cook will apply those skills learned here in the Air National Guard with the 143d Airlift Wing at Quonset State Airport in Rhode Island. Congratulations Airman Cook!

Air Education and Training Command, Air National Guard Director, Command Chief Master Sergeant of the Air National Guard #AircraftMaintenance

Another great week of training in the books for Sheppard Air Force Base! Here are a few shots of Airmen learning how to maintain aircraft, pack parachutes, plumb buildings and more in this weeks #SheppardInPhotos.

A fact of life in the United States Air Force (USAF) is #Airmen are most likely to deploy in support of global operations. That also means a heightened risk of threats such as chemical, biological, radiologic and nuclear attacks. That's why learning how to survive and operate in special protective gear is an important aspect of training.

40 Sheppard Air Force Base Airmen completed #AbilityToSurviveAndOperate training June 27, 2018, to hone their skills should they be selected for a deployment.

Hydraulics make just about everything easier on an airplane whether its wing flaps moving up and down, cargo bay doors opening or landing gear lowering.

Senior Airman Brian Gurule, a native of Pueblo, Colorado, mastered apprentice-level proficiency at Sheppard Air Force Base recently when he aced the 49-day course to earn the ACE award. After beginning his military career in the U.S. Army, Gurule will now continue to serve as an #AircraftHydraulics specialist in the 302nd Airlift Wing (Air Force Reserve) at Peterson AFB: 21st Space Wing.

Congratulations SrA Gurule!

Getting the mission done takes a lot of moving parts, all of which are important. But there is one that all can agree is among those at the top of the list if not the leader of them all: Electricity.

Sheppard Air Force Base's 91-day electrical systems course trains Airmen on everything from installing a simple light switch to maintaining airfield lighting to guide aircraft.

“The mission will fail if planes can’t fly and maintainers can’t maintain,” said Staff Sgt. Philip Gautiere, 366th Training Squadron electrical systems instructor. “Everybody needs electricity. It is our job to make that happen."

Part of Ability to Survive and Operate (ATSO) Training is to put on the appropriate protective gear for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats. Here, Airmen at Sheppard get into MOPP2 gear. #ATSO #Training #CBRN #Exercise

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Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas Airmen await briefings as part of an Ability to Survive and Operate exercise June 27, 2018. The exercise gauges each Airman’s ability to function during less than ideal conditions. #ATSO #Readiness

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We hear all the time that it's the small things in life that matter, that culminate into one great conclusion. Audrey Herwig Mendoza, president of the SAFB CMB - Civilian Mentoring Board, believes in that notion, so much that she wears a rubber bracelet daily that reads: "Small Choices Matter."

It was a relatively small choice to listen to folks on Sheppard Air Force Base that resulted in the creation of round-table discussions on a variety of topics in which participants joined in open-ended dialogue that required the members to listen to others, think critically and form their own thoughts on a subject. It also puts military and civilian Airmen in the same room with senior leadership, where communication barriers are broken down and true, open conversations can happen.

Because of that, Herwig-Mendoza was named a recipient of the PACE Profession of Arms Center of Excellence #LeadershipImpactAward for 2017. Congratulations Audrey on a job well done!

Without instruments and flight controls, airplanes are basically projectiles hurling through the air. But a schoolhouse at Sheppard Air Force Base is teaching Airmen how to maintain instruments and flight controls to help pilots guide their war machine through the air and in combat.

Two Airmen from the 365th Training Squadron showed they have mastered the basic concepts of their career field when they both scored perfect 100s in each of their 9 blocks of instruction to earn the ACE award. Congratulations to Maryville, Tennessee's Airman 1st Class Justin Walker and North Huntingdon Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania's Airman Cameron Guzewicz on a job well done!
#AircraftMaintenance #AircraftAvionics #TechnicalTraining

Another awesome week of training is in the books at Sheppard Air Force Base, which means another round of #SheppardInPhotos. This week's edition features students from the 361st Training Squadron, Sheppard AFB, 362d Training Squadron, 363rd Training Squadron, 364th Training Squadron and 366th Training Squadron. Man, what a busy week!

UPDATE: Water leakage stopped in Windcreek. Repairs and backflow to homes in progress.

To assist Windcreek residents without water, the following facilities have restroom and private shower facilities available:

- Pitsenbarger FC - open until 2200
- Levitow FC - open 24 hours with preregistered access
- Main Pool - open until midnight (residents will not be charged for use)

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we diligently work to repair. Updates will be provided as available.

It's never too early to become philanthropic, just like many others in the Air Force. These little tykes hopped on their tricycles or scooters Friday morning for a good cause ... and a good time ... with the SAFB Parent Advisory Board (PAB) at Sheppard Air Force Base.