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U.S. Army Cyber Command plans to add more direct commissioned officers in an effort to bolster the emerging force. Since October, almost 250 applicants have applied for the Cyber Direct Commissioning Program, which allows talented civilians a fast track to becoming an officer. Learn more!

We will livestream one of the 2018 TRADOC Best Warrior Competition Mystery Events at around 4 PM Eastern! Stay Tuned!

This morning's Army Physical Fitness Test was the first graded event during this year's #TRADOCBWC - and the competitors left it all on the field. The 5 am event marked the start of a long day for TRADOC's Best Warriors, with a full schedule of combatives, a formal board appearance, and a mystery event all still to come.

******IMPOSTER ALERT****** General Stephen J. Townsend, TRADOC Commanding General, has NO private social media accounts. You will only find General Townsend on Official U.S. Army or TRADOC social media sites. General Townsend is NOT on Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, Google Hang Out, dating sites, chat rooms, etc. The accounts you see below are examples of impostor accounts. These impostors often use publicly available photos to convince others that they are communicating with General Townsend and other senior military leaders. Some of these impostor accounts attempt to harass and even scam individuals. Please report any impostors to the appropriate social media platform.

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The 2018 TRADOC Best Warrior Competition is in full swing - five days of rigorous hands-on tests at the U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence, Fort Gordon, GA, to see who the best Soldier and NCO are in TRADOC! The events include a physical fitness test, day and night land navigation, 12-mile ruck march, combatives, an obstacle course, weapons qualification, written common Soldier knowledge examination, written essay, and an appearance in front of a board. Stay tuned for our continuing coverage!

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Competitors in the 2018 TRADOC Best Warrior Competition have their gear inspected by competition cadre at Fort Gordon, Georgia, July 15. With all of their equipment checked and briefings provided, they kick off the first event in the competition in 10 minutes - the Army Physical Fitness Test at 0500! We'll have continuing coverage of the #TRADOCBWC throughout the week! (U.S. Army Photo by Staff Sgt. Kalie Frantz)

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Meet this year's competitors - the best of the best from TRADOC centers of excellence and core function leads. Stay tuned all this week as we bring you the action directly from the #TRADOCBWC!

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General Stephen J. Townsend, Commanding General of TRADOC, discusses what the Army needs in future leaders prior to doing PT with officer cadets during a recent visit to the Basic Officer Leaders Course at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

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ICYMI. The SECARMY has announced the location of Army Futures Command...Austin, Texas.

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Due to a power outage on Joint Base Langley-Eustis, the change of responsibility has moved outside - and our live stream is going handheld! Please join us!

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Our change of responsibility live stream will begin momentarily.

Watch now! TRADOC CSM Change of Responsibility between CSM David Davenport and CSM Timothy Guden.

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Today at 1030, TRADOC will host a CSM Change of Responsibility ceremony between TRADOC CSM David Davenport and CSM Timothy Guden.

For those unable to attend in person, please watch the live stream at

The response to the new ACFT has been overwhelming, but here are the top 10 #ACFT questions and answers seen on social media since the announcement.

The #ACFT...increasing Soldier lethality. Get ready, October 2020, the ACFT becomes the official U.S. Army physical fitness test.

Injuries happen from time to time, check out how Warrior Training and Rehabilitation programs help U.S. Army Soldiers recuperate.

Looking for pictures of the 10,000 cadets who are participating in Army Cadet Summer Training programs?

The new U.S. Army Combat Fitness Test is a gender and age-neutral test for all Soldiers and all components (Active, National Guard and Reserve) that is designed to reduce injuries and generate increased unit and individual readiness.


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The new Army Combat Fitness Test is a gender and age-neutral test for all Soldiers and all components (Active, National Guard and Reserve) that is designed to reduce injuries and generate increased unit and individual readiness. Read more below about how the U.S. Army plans to implement the new #ACFT.

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The U.S. Army has released the first revision to the #Army fitness since 1980, the Army Combat Fitness Test. This new test consist of six events to test all of the major muscle groups and provide an accurate, scientifically-validated assessment of a Soldier’s readiness based on the task a Soldier may encounter in training or combat. #ACFT

Want to learn more? Check out the Army Stand To on the homepage!

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Congratulations to current serving Army Warrant Officers and those who paved the way for 100 years of service to the U.S.Army.


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"Have confidence. The foundation has been laid by your families, by your school, by the Reserve Officer Training Corps and by Cadet Command. You are ready, you will do a great job, and I have of the ultimate confidence in your capabilities," Lt. Gen. Theodore Martin, TRADOC Deputy Commanding General during a commissioning ceremony for 1st Regiment, Advanced Camp, 3 July.