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Chief of Army Reserve, Commanding General
Lieutenant General Jeffrey W. Talley

Command Chief Warrant Officer of the Army Reserve
Command Chief Warrant Officer Russell Smith

Command Sergeant Major of the Army Reserve
Command Sergeant Major James Wills


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Mission of Mercy

Walter Pruiksma was recently recognized for his heroic acts during #WWI. In a mission performed a few nights after the invasion of Normandy, there was one thing that has stayed with him 74 years later.

Read his story here:

200th Military Police Command

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Have you ever deployed with a family member?

The hardest thing about deployments is usually separation from loved ones-- luckily for this mother and daughter duo, they get to go through it together.

Army Reserve Medical Command (Official PAO Page)

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What's your favorite type of workout?

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What's the best exercise you've participated in?

U.S. Army Reserve paratroopers recently tested their physical and battlefield commo skills during “Mustang Challenge”-- an annual event held at MacDill Air Force Base.

335th Signal Command (Theater)
Video by Spc. David Cook

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Better vision

The new Enhanced Vision Goggle-Binocular (ENVG-B) incorporates day/night optics and thermal and targeting capabilities… and could be heading your way sooner than expected.

Read more here:

U.S. Army Association of the United States Army - AUSA National

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#BehindTheUniform | Ep. 2: Connection

Same last name. Same MOS. Totally different generation. Spc. Dylan Cate carries an important connection with him through his service in the #USArmyReserve.

450th Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne)
Video by Sgt. Timothy Yao

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How do you protect your kids online?

It's important to teach your kids about what is safe to share and what should never be shared online.

Read more about how to protect your kids:


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How well do you know the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter?

These #USArmyReserve Soldiers know it inside and out as they work to assist U.S. Army pilots with any air mission requests that they have.

Reserve Officers Association 201st Press Camp Headquarters

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Medical readiness made easy

The LHI Care Portal is an individual health management tool that simplifies the scheduling process for you.

Check out how it works in the video below!

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Increase your accuracy!

#USArmyReserve Chief Warrant Officer Joseph Hayes and member of the U.S. Army Reserve Competitive Marksmanship Program shares his tips on increasing your accuracy and lethality.

982nd Combat Camera Company (Airborne) #WednesdayWisdom

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Are you voting?

Make sure you're registered and ready to vote next month!

Learn more here:

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The way ahead

America's #USArmyReserve is ready now, ready in times of crisis and ready for whatever threats and challenges lie ahead.

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Where was your last reenlistment?

#USArmyReserve Soldiers participated in a reenlistment at the location where the 1st shot of the American Revolutionary War was fired.

Reserve Officers Association 361st Public Affairs Operations Center (PAOC)

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Why do you serve?

Orthopedic surgeon, Col. Paul Phillips III, shares what he loves about serving in the #USArmyReserve.

U.S. Army Army Reserve Medical Command (Official PAO Page)

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Preparing for a new fight

“We’ve been fighting a certain type of way for the last 17 years and the next fight may look very different.” - LTG Charles D Luckey

Read more:

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What's your favorite U.S. Army uniform?

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Please help us wish a happy 243rd birthday to the U.S. Navy!

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What's the most challenging training you've done?

#USArmyReserve Soldiers from the 412th Theater Engineer Command trained on breaking and breaching within a confined space.

411th Engineer Brigade Florida State Fire College

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Hurricane recovery assistance

Financial assistance for #HurricaneMichael recovery is available for #USArmyReserve Soldiers.

Learn more here:

Army Emergency Relief #ArmyResponse

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Among the Nation's Best

Congratulations to the 7-158th Aviation Regiment-GSAB for receiving an award for the most outstanding #USArmyReserve unit at Association of the United States Army - AUSA National.

Army Reserve Aviation Command

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Duty. Honor. Country.

Former Railsplitter and #WWII veteran turned 94 this year. #USArmyReserve Soldiers were lucky enough to celebrate with him and hear his story. This is one you won't want to miss!

Watch the full video here:

84th Training Command

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Turn around!

Six inches of water will reach the bottom of most cars, causing loss of control and possible stalling.

#HurricaneMichael #ArmyResponse NOAA Satellite and Information Service FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency

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Assistance for #HurricaneMichael

Financial assistance for Hurricane Michael preparation & evacuation is available for #USArmyReserve Soldiers.

Learn more here:

Army Emergency Relief #ArmyResponse

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Make sure your vote counts!

#USArmyReserve Soldiers -- You still have time to vote! Make sure you're registered & ready to vote when November comes around!

Learn more here:

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Stay safe!

#USArmyReserve Soldiers -- If you're in the path of #HurricaneMichael, be sure to check out the hurricane resource guides by state in the link below!

Hurricane resource guides by state:

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