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NAVADMIN Outlines Changes to Post-9/11 GI Bill Transferability #USNavy

For many military spouses, completing education and career goals are a major concern as they balance life with a loved one in the military. While military life may present unique challenges for spouses like frequent moves and funding issues, the DoD has taken steps to address those concerns. #MyCAA #USNavy

Summer is here and temperatures are rising along with the number of cookouts. In the backyards of America, it's important to remember safety. #FireSafety #USNavy

The Navy announced yesterday the expansion of hair styles for women along with several other uniform policy changes and updates in NAVADMIN 163/18
Among the several hair style changes is the authorization for women to wear locks. The NAVADMIN provides specific and detailed regulation on how locks can be worn.
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he Navy announced an initiative to provide registered dietitians to units throughout the fleet in NAVADMIN 160/18. The joint initiative between the Office of the Chief of Naval Personnel and the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, authorizes commanders to request dietitians to temporarily join their commands, in order to increase Sailors' knowledge about nutrition and health resources.

This initiative makes registered dietitians available to assume a temporary additional duty (TAD) status to commands, providing education on performance nutrition, healthy eating habits, hydration, and safe dietary supplement use. Bringing registered dietitians directly to the fleet greatly enhances Sailor access to nutrition education, which in turn increases medical readiness.

The Navy updated the Pregnancy and Parenthood mobile app that provides Sailors with the latest information and resources on Navy's pregnancy and parenthood policies.

The app helps Sailors understand the personal and professional responsibilities that come with parenthood while serving in the Navy. At the same time, the app offers command leadership and supervisors information regarding their roles, appropriate expectations and required actions when speaking with Sailors who are starting or expanding a family.

The update reflects the replacement of the Pregnancy Counseling form with the admin remarks section of NAVPERS 1070/613, commonly known as a Page 13. The app includes a prepopulated version with a statement of understanding that references the Navy's Guidelines Concerning Pregnancy and Parenthood (OPNAVINST 6000.1D) released in March 2018.

ICYMI: Yesterday in 1960, USS Thresher (SSN 593) is launched at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. On April 10, 1963, accompanied by the submarine rescue ship, USS Skylark (ASR 20), USS Thresher transits to an area some 220 miles east of Cape Cod, Mass., and starts deep-diving tests. As these proceeded, Skylark transmits garbled communications that indicate trouble aboard. The submarine sinks, taking the lives of 129 officers, crewmen, and civilian technicians.

Click the link below to learn more about the USS Thresher #WeRemember